Which are the best cleaning detergents for cleaning the oven at home?

Every good housewife has a cupboard that is designed to store detergents and cleaning supplies. This is a great facilitation in the search process, especially if they are well arranged. Do you have oven cleaners? Is it harmless? Do not think to dispose of it if there is a very intrusive smell or an unnatural amount of smoke is formed after oven cleaning. Do not allow harmful chemicals to be present in your oven and transfer to your food. On the other hand, if you do not have one at the moment due to the fact that you have a self-cleaning oven, get some one to use at times.

Summer heat is a prerequisite for a lack of desire to let the oven go to a high temperature for several hours. There are, of course, many methods to use at home with natural means. Well, sometimes it is not possible to avoid specialized preparations - they remove stubborn dirt because of its powerful formula. However, it is possible to focus on more efficient and as innocuous as possible.

Household preparations for cleaning the oven

Baking soda and vinegar preparation

baking soda and vinegar oven cleaningThis type of preparation can be "mixed" at any time. You will not need to store excess containers on the shelves you use too rarely, especially if you have a self-cleaning function. This technique is harmless to your health and appliance and is the cheapest option. To do this you need to get the following:

  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Spatula - plastic or silicone
  • Rubber gloves
  • A wet towel
  • Spray bottle
  • A small bowl

Application method:

  • Empty the oven and remove the racks
  • Make a mixture of ½ cup soda and a few spoons of water in a bowl
  • Lubricate with the resulting paste and the most difficult places - emphasize the oily areas, if any
  • Let it stand that way overnight
  • Clean the shelves separately by soaking them in the tub and wiping them out of the burnt residue of food
  • The next day, wipe the oven with a damp cloth - if you see dry soda in some places, use the spatula to remove it
  • Spray with a little vinegar - it helps to neutralize the smell and soften the dried paste
  • After removing all dirt, wipe well and re-wash the racks.

Environmentally friendly products for cleaning the ovens

dirtbusters oven cleaningDirtbusters

This is the brand that will guarantee you a certain quality and environmental friendliness in cleaning your oven. It produces two cleaners that are very effective and do unsurpassed success - a handy package with a sprayer and a paste. They can be used separately or in combination for better results.

The products are used for warm oven cleaning, but are absolutely harmless to the skin and do not form smoke or unpleasant smell. They have a fresh citrus flavor, are biodegradable and do not contain caustic. They remove dirt without having to use heavy toxic chemicals.

eco oven cleaning detergentEco-Oven SMT Oven Cleaner

The preparation suggests on its own that it is environmentally friendly, making it safe to use at home. Not only will it not harm you, it will also effectively clean your favorite cooking appliance. It is used for any type of cleaning and leads to reliable results. Daily or deeper oven cleaning with it is no problem. The product is tested in a laboratory, proving its credibility for a "clean" formula. The case is made of cardboard and the label is made of recycled paper.

Ecover Oven and Hob Cleaner

If you buy this product, you get an organic product for ovens and hobs. It is safe and can be used without additional accessories to protect your eyes and skin - face masks, goggles or rubber gloves. It has a highly effective formula that removes layers of grease or food contamination. Does not leave any traces of fumes after use.

If you still experience difficulties to clean your oven properly, don't hesitate to contact us and book our oven cleaning london service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at affordable price and a service performed by well trained cleaners.