End of Tenancy Cleaning South London

End of Tenancy Cleaning South London

Are you looking for a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company to maintain a loyal relationship? We offer what you may not have yet discovered. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning South London services are affordable and you will get a free quote with the best solution for your home. We make incredible offers for our new and regular customers in South London, our service is aimed at high quality and efficiency.

We apply the most innovative professional cleaning methods like hot water extraction method, with professional equipment, harmless preparations and very friendly and experienced end of tenancy cleaning teams. Our mission is to always be helpful when you need us - whether we clean your oven and your refrigerator, or the entire home to the most hidden place.

We need to have the peace of mind when you leave your rented home, so we will clean for you. We are aware that the main purpose of our end of tenancy South London cleaning is to make sure get the deposit. In fact, all thoughts are centered on the new place.

Well, you can also make the effort if you look for our professional cleaning services. Time is valuable, so use it as beneficial as possible. We will come everywhere and almost any time. We serve South London as well as all other areas in London.

Advantages of Our End of Tenancy Cleaning East London Service

  • You Save money, effort and time in scrubs
  • High Quality Professional cleaning in South London
  • You get 100% certainty that you will get back your deposit, finding new tenants or buyers of your property
  • You can rely on good future recommendations from the landlord if you leave your home in a clean and fresh look
  • You don't need to wait any time before getting back to the house or flat
  • We use eco-friendly detergents only!

Why choose us?

  • We are available almost at any time - call us on the spot, by phone or by email
  • We have the necessary experience and we follow every new trend in the industry
  • We keep fast professional service and the 100% satisfaction of our customers
  • We serve whole South London
  • We use eco-friendly and risk-free high quality cleaning detergents of the top recommended brands in the professional cleaning industry like Prochem.
  • Our cleaning services are pet- and kid-friendly!
  • We offer complete end of tenancy cleaning at affordable prices - moving with us is easy and convenient
  • We have a kind and competent staff who will serve you best
  • Our experienced cleaners are certified and apply correctly the most innovative techniques in the field of end of tenancy cleaning
  • Our service is beneficial for allergy suffers
  • Our extra powerful extraction machine works at up to 120 Degrees are guaranteed
  • No need to wait for hours or days to enter the house.

What cleaning services do we offer in South London?

TSV Cleaning is a reliable cleaning company in London with more then 5 years in the industry. Our end of tenancy cleaning specialists can offer you everything you need to cover the mandatory and comprehensive checklist in the clauses of the contract provided by your landlord.

Take advantage of our services - from the smallest detail and surface cleaning to the point where you need a deep hygiene for the whole home even for your dirtiest stains. Thanks to our powerful Steem Pro 2000 machine by Prochem and one of our favorite cleaning methods - the hot water extraction, we can clean them perfectly in almost no time.

With our experience, professional training and equipment we are ready to handle with any cleaning job you have for us. We aim to fully cover the latest and best cleaning standards and practices. Along with that our cleaning detergents are eco-friendly so your pets and kids will be safe after our cleaning procedures. Same is valid for all allergy suffers.

Practice shows that customers need a lot of help with moving or when leaving their rental home. Many situations when comes to cleaning the property are beyond their skills and equipment. We are here to give you the best solution for getting your deposit back.  You only need to submit a request to us or give us call, so we can come to you as soon as possible. We carry out cleaning during holiday and holiday days to satisfy your wishes.

Contact us on the contact form listed or call the phone. We are expecting you! Do not waste time! We always provide a kind and personal approach to each individual customer when it comes to providing end of tenancy South London services.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning South London Checklist Includes

  • wet cleaning of all sills, window frames, radiators, photo frames and doors to safe access
  • cleaning mirrors and windows on the inside
  • cleaning of tiles, other types of flooring and surfaces
  • cleaning the walls
  • cleaning of electric bodies - switches, contacts chandeliers, night lamps, wall lamps and lamps
  • cleaning of wet rooms - shower cabin, bath, toilet, sink and accessories
  • cleaning and polishing of shower heads, cranes, mixers and others
  • cleaning of kitchen appliances - washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, hob, microwave oven,
  • electric kettles, toasters and other
  • cleaning the hob and wiping out the kitchen cabinets - inside and outside
  • wiping spider web and dust from all shelves, cabinets and wardrobes
  • cleaning of the exterior and other auxiliary services - dumping of garbage washing garbage bins, dumping of garbage from the yard and other

Living, Rentals and Cleaning in South London

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Our Satisfied Clients

Great service used them before had a young lady and 2 male clean my other property Exellent work to the property windows, doors, carpet, chairs everywhere. Friendly nice staff to, paid after service to the person and they will send a invoice to you the following week.Used the service again today, another great service from Tony, friendly well mannered man. I had just carpet and rug cleaning, carpet is back to new. Thank you Tony. ????????
Maria McPherson
10:52 16 Sep 17
“Got a complete tenancy clean + deep cleaning of carpets from the company and received a sweet discount. Really appreciated it in a time when costs pile up so quickly. Was also happy with the cleaners and their work, received a thorough clean and now the house is ready for the new owners. Thanks!”
Ibo's Barbers
09:11 16 Jul 17
Got a complete tenancy clean + deep cleaning of carpets from the company and received a sweet discount. Really appreciated it in a time when costs pile up so quickly. Was also happy with the cleaners and their work, received a thorough clean and now the house is ready for the new owners. Thanks!
07:41 29 Mar 17
Very tidy workers. Left my oven and hob nice and clean. The booking service was very efficient too.
14:48 02 Jan 17
I have never thought I would be satisfied with cleaning done by someone external at home (I know... a kind of obsession :-)) Yet, the lady they sent me did a great job - I honestly could not believed that my oven could be bright again! Anna is now cleaning our house every week and I have time (finally!) to enjoy my hobbies and spare time with the loved ones.
Stilyana Hristeva
22:33 25 Oct 16
Had two rooms cleaned this morning with Tony, first he sprayed the carpet with special solution, second he gave a carpet a good brushing manually, with hand brush, and finally he started using the machine with hot water and shampoo. Couldn't believe when we emptied the bucket of water from the machine, so dirty, and we don't even enter the house with the shoes on, unbelievable. Tony was punctual, friendly, and professional. I would definitely recommend him.
Heloina Morina
18:30 18 Nov 18
I booked with TSV Cleaning because of the positive feedback they had and decided to share my experience as well. I should mention that the team was a tad bit late for our appointment but apart from that, they did an amazing job. All of the kitchen appliances were sparkling and there was this overall feel of freshness and tidiness. I wouldn’t do it better myself, especially with my busy schedule around the move.
Rent A Car
10:14 04 Aug 18
Easy to reach and were available on next day. As I am very demanding, and have not checked work properly in the end, they agreed to come next day and carry some extra cleaning. Also cleaned additional windows walls, that were not even included in the quote.Good price and very polite team, especially Tony, the main contact.
Diana Gallo
12:30 21 Aug 18
Excellent service from start to finish. The booking process was super easy using the online chat. I was given a quote immediately by Tony who was both professional and polite. On arrival, they were very friendly and respectful of my home ensuring no mess was made or left behind. A fantastic job was done cleaning my oven and it now looks completely new. The food/drink stains on my sofa have all been removed after numerous attempts of trying to clean it myself. I am more than impressed with TSV Cleaning and would certainly use them again, as well as 100% recommend them. Thanks again for exceeding my expectations!
millie dizon
19:23 08 Aug 18
My experience with TSV has been fantastic. They did a super awesome job. They did a brilliant and a detailed job for a price which i found one of the cheapest when comparing the quotes. They really gave a detailed and a sparkling finish to my property. Thanks.
Pratik Churiwala
07:48 15 Aug 18
TSV cleaning was signed up to do a sofa fabric and mattress cleaning. Tony from TSV did a great job. The stains from the mattress very removed and it was a visible change. Overall a great job done by the team.
Aditya Venkatesh
21:50 16 Dec 18
Had my carpet cleaned, the customer service was really good and friendly, and the representative that came to do the carpet was so polite and respectful and he did a brilliant job on carpet! Will recommend there service.
sarah ajanaku-fagbayi
16:00 17 Dec 18
We moved 3 days ago to our new place and I found out how dirty the house was left from the last tenants, actually everything was black from the dirt I was thinking to buy even a steamer to try to fix the whole apartment. We where totally desperate. I was checking for companies that do professional carpet cleaning. Very difficult to find a reasonable price until I called those guys. In the beginning I wasn't really optimistic about the result because the carpets where old and filthy until the company came with their machine and cleaned everything really nicely. I'm more than happy with their work. Really polite as well. Thank you very much.
frankie dp
12:14 07 Jan 19
I emailed TSV Cleaning in hope that they might be able to answer a question for me regarding cleaning a stubborn stain on my stainless steel skin. Diana promptly got back to me with some suggestions that I could try before having to enlist the help of a professional service. I tried her suggestions and they worked for me! Really great customer service and will be contacting for end of tenancy clean. Thanks Diana!
Warrior Poet
18:38 23 Jan 19
For our end of tenancy clean we didn’t know what company to choose as they are soo many who claim to do the best clean. We put our faith into TSV as they charged reasonable price and I have to say they really took us by surprise our apartment looks brand new! They go out of their way to please you. We are honestly so pleased! 100% book with them you won’t be disappointed!
Sister In Islam
14:16 02 Feb 19
For our end of tenancy clean we didn’t know what company to choose as they are soo many who claim to do the best clean. We put our faith into TSV as they charged reasonable price and I have to say they really took us by surprise our apartment looks brand new! They go out of their way to please you. We are honestly so pleased! 100% book with them you won’t be disappointed!
Sister In Islam
13:06 09 Mar 19
Tony came in to clean the carpets, courtains, rugs and windows and has done an excellent job! He was very patient with my kid getting on the way, moved the furniture to reach the deepest corners, and brought all the professional equipment to make it new again! Couldn’t be more satisfied! Fully recommend the service!
Lucas Ribeiro
00:38 18 Mar 19
I’m so impressed with the customer service of this company, I cannot recommend highly enough! I had booked their End of Tenancy service and on the day they were due to clean, I couldn’t find my keys to let them into the property. A disaster! They calmly managed the situation and I offered a cancellation fee of £50. Straight away they thanked me and said rather than a cancellation fee, lets rebooked the clean within the next week and they we apply the £50 as a discount. A generous and understanding offer. The clean itself was amazing and their professionalism impressive. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and using again in the future.
Ali Richards
08:55 18 Mar 19
TSV provided an urgent end of tenancy cleaning. They were extremely fast to respond to our request and queries, the standard of cleaning was excellent. They are reliable and good value. Highly recommended!
gillian mackie
21:04 19 Mar 19
I would like to congratulate and thank the TSV Cleaning crew which carried out the cleaning at my old property for my end of tenancy cleaning for the most excellent work they carried out. My landlord was also most impressed by the work and asked me for TSV Cleanings details, I have passed them to him. He has also returned my full deposit. My sister is also having some building work done in her house which will require after building cleaning. On telling her about the work that TSV Cleaning had done she has asked for their details and I have given them to her. Once I am settled into my new place I will probably require a spring clean in which case I will get back in touch with TSV Cleaning.
Paul Houston
16:18 28 Mar 19
Please do not go by their rating. Its a scam. They send random unprofessional cleaners.We called them for end of tenancy cleaning and they took 6 hours to clean a one bedroom house. Asked us to get the cleaning liquid for them. After 6 hours called us to check the house and it was appalling to say the least. We spotted over 15 places they didn't clean. When we pointed out the places they missed they gave us the cloth to clean it ourselves. We also included professional carpet cleaning for which they just took half an hour and spent all their time smoking in the balcony. Please save yourselves from the trauma and avoid them.We tried complaining to the owners and specially Tony but they have ignored this. We lost 178 pounds for the cleaning which we could have done better ourselves in 6 hours.
preeti raju
00:09 29 Mar 19
Did a great job cleaning, the place was as good as possible once they had finished. The price was very cheap, as we had a large one bedroom flat but they didn’t request any more over the standard flat rate. Communication could be improved as we received an email after meeting and payment that we wouldn’t be covered by the Guarantee but still think the job was very well done and would use them again.
Chris Tompkinson
19:59 13 Apr 19