After Builders Cleaning London

Cleaning after repairs or other construction activity is one of the most unpleasant things for everyone. We offer complex after builders cleaning services in London. First we will make inspection of the site and we will discuss the cleaning process, then we will send you detailed services they will perform and the final price you will pay after the completion of our work.

How After Builders Cleaning Works?

When construction or renovation work in London is over, turn to TSV Cleaners for the comprehensive after builders cleaning service. We will send a team of heavy-duty cleaning specialists to your location who will use modern equipment and techniques to make the place pristine. This service is suitable for the wide range of properties while no job is too big or too small for we are REAL specialists.

Equipment and Technology Used for The Builders Clean Service

This service from TVS Cleaners involves the use of professional industrial equipment such as high-performances vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pressure washers and more. On the other hand, all detergents used in cleaning after building work are not available in every-day stores. This way TVS Cleaners ensures the highest professional standard for post-construction and post-renovation clean up of your property.

Even minor refurbishments and repairs can pose a challenge beyond the capabilities of most homeowners – cleaning up all the dust, debris, smudge marks and other leftovers require the professional equipment and expertise that our post-builder cleaning services provide. And for large projects, our after builders cleaning squad have the heavy-duty tools and capabilities needed to perform a complete clean up that will leave the property sparkling and ready for use.

Why choose us?

We offer a complete range of after builders services designed to clean up every type of mess. We clean interior floors, walls, windows or any other surface.

Our TVS London experts are equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment – from scrapers, blades and industrial-strength cleaning solutions to ladders, vertical mast lifts and wet and dry vacuums.

Our skilled and experienced team members wear hard hats and high-visibility vests and each is highly-trained, fully-vetted and comprehensively-insured.

Furthermore, our builders clean is easily customizable - it could include anything from carpet cleaning to high-wall washing and it could easily be done by one team on a single appointment. And to make it even better, we always send out a builders cleaning supervisor onsite to make sure the job is done properly at a minimum of fuss. We work around the clock in order to meet the needs of our business customers, just because we know how difficult it could be for a business to shut down for a day. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, we are here to help and we take it seriously as we know your business depends on it!

About The Team

TVS has a team that specializes in cleaning after repairs. The benefit for you here is that you leave your home in the hands of true professionals in his field. They know to perfection methods and techniques for impeccable sanitation. They will work without losing precious time! One more thing – as true professional cleaners London, we are working on a special program for cleaning after renovation and it involves every corner of your home. You can be sure that our team not only knows its work but will apply it quite successfully, with remarkable results. But you will see for yourself. When the cleaners leave your home, only sparkling cleanness will remain, everything neat and tidy … exactly as you want it!

About The Company

TVS is a cleaning company with extremely helpful staff. We focus mainly on assisting our customers and this is very important to us! That’s why you can contact us, even if you decide to clean your own house after repairs. We will be helpful with tips and ideas for optimized performance.

We already said that we clean after repair work using a program that includes sanitation of the entire house. And now you will see that is true.

We offer the following services:

Washing and vacuuming of hard floors;
Cleaning mirrors;
Disinfecting the kitchen sink;
Disinfecting and scrubbing bathroom floors;
Deep cleaning in the toilet and bathroom;
Internal windows cleaning; /External if ordered by the customer/
Wiping countertops and kitchen appliances;
Clean the light switches, lamp shades, and door handles;
De-scale the taps and sinks;
Clean the grill and hob;
Wash up dishes, cutlery, and glasses;
Polish the window sills;
Clean all pictures and picture frames;
Polish all surfaces;
Wipe the fireplace;
Wipe the curtain rails;
Clean the skirting boards;
Dust and hover the curtains;
Clean all shades and fittings;
Remove the cobwebs;
Polish and dust through;
Remove fingerprints;
Clean underneath the sofa;
Wipe down all tables;
Move furniture for access;
Vacuum through the edges;
Check for dust everywhere;
Check for marks and remove;
Polish, de-scale, and clean the sink;
Polish and dry the wall tiles;

Our professional cleaners are extra careful about every detail in each room according to various kinds of furniture, flooring and equipment. Nowadays you can find variety of materials for furniture of all types, glossy, matte, steel, stainless steel, granite, tile, wood, stone and many others. Often inadvertently happens craftsmen to spill paint, varnish, glue, primer, silicone on your furniture, but you can only notice it when you start to clean in detail. But not all of them are easy to clean and by improper cleaning they can be damaged forever, so you can trust us for a thorough after repair cleaning service.

Professional cleaning services after building or repair activities involve the use of a strong and well-chosen professional detergents with acids, alkali or neutral PH depending on the structure surface cleaning and respect for rules and guidelines by work with them. Also crucial is the right concentration of detergents and how they applied to contaminated areas.

Using professional cleaning equipment is required to achieve a higher level of quality in the performance of the cleaning service. Equipment and chemicals we use are professional and proven over time. The quality we offer is uncompromising.

We will clean all work surfaces and household appliances such as the freezer, oven, tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, and others. In the bathroom, we will wipe and polish the towel rail and radiator, clean the soap dispenser, and remove the lime scale

Important Requirements For Construction Site Cleaning

Any building work must come to an end before your after builders cleaning takes place. Also, the cleaners will need access to running hot water and electricity. Bare in mind that this is an hourly-based service so depending on the size and condition of your property we can provide an estimation of duration. If the technicians need more time we are able to amend the price accordingly as long as it covers. The minimum charge is 4 hours for team of 2 cleaners.

Prior to booking, we highly encourage our clients to visit our terms and conditions to know more about our services and all factors entailed.

Do You Need High Quality After Builders Cleaning at Your Home?