Spring Cleaning

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and your kids are starting to sneeze in the mornings. Yes, it’s spring! This is the season of new life and new beginnings – oh, and allergies, but you’ll get those sorted out quickly. It’s also the perfect time for spring cleaning, so celebrate the new beginning by sorting through your belongings, tossing the things you don’t use anymore, and performing a deep clean on your house so you’re ready to enjoy a summer without clutter.

That all sounds great, right? But clutter, dust, and grime can build up during the winter, and that means dedicating a ton of time to getting your household in order – time better spent elsewhere. Why commit yourself to hours and hours of cleaning it out? Let TSV Cleaning handle the mess!

Spring cleaning is something of great importance. Cleaning experts advise to have your household thoroughly and deeply cleaned at least once or twice a year, and to have all unnecessary items and junk removed from the premises. Thus you make your home far easier to maintain and clean in the following months. Unfortunately Spring cleaning in Manchester just like everywhere else, is a tiresome and time-consuming job, so it is always better to have professionals deal with it. Thus it will all be finished in a quicker and more efficient manner and you will have little to worry about the successful outcome of the endeavor.

It is natural to be more productive and feel better when your workplace is clean and tidy. It is good for your productivity and your health.

At the same time, keeping everything in order on your desk is not an easy job. This is especially difficult if you are a busy person and you have too many tasks. Most people have busy schedules and are unable to regularly clean their workplace. We offer a professional cleaning service for residential and office buildings, and you can rely on us as your partner. We will take care of your office or home – all items like furniture, carpets, windows, flooring will look great and will be ready for you just to sit on your chair and start working.
Most of the time, home cleaning, especially if you live in a bigger apartment or house, will consume most of your free time (like weekends and holidays). So why not leave your chores on us after you have been working during the whole week. Instead of going out with your children and spending time with your family, you have many tasks on your list. You have to clean the oven, rotate mattresses, dust under the furniture, and do the laundry. And you are too tired to do all this. If you are both working and earning enough, you may want to use the services of a professional company. Just schedule a cleaning appointment and relax.

Why to Choose Us?

TVS Cleaning London is excellent service to refresh your house and clean off the clutter. Our experience has helped us to offer an excellent service at reasonable charge. Our exceptional standard and the guaranteed quality are part of our success and we constantly work hard to improve our service. We know your expectations are high and we work strenuously to achieve outstanding results every time we clean your home.

For your convenience, all Cleaning Products are already included in our hourly rate. If you require us to bring our own vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket – an additional delivery charges may apply.

We have designed a thorough task list for this professional spring cleaning services, based on personalized experience, which will cover every inch and corner in your home and of course you can provide your own list of requirements.

Our Spring Cleaning in London Includes the Following:


Cleaning and polishing all cupboards and drawers inside and out, remove stains, marks, dirt and finger prints;
Cleaning the fridge and freezer inside and out;
Cleaning the oven inside and out, clean the grills and oven dish;
Cleaning the microwave inside and out, remove stains and marks where possible;
Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary;
Cleaning the kitchen extractor;
Clean and wash the sink, remove limescale and polish;
Clean and wipe the door, remove marks and finger prints;
Dust lamp shape and light switches;
Hovering and mop the floor, if not carpeted.


Cleaning and disinfecting toilet seat inside and out, toilet bowl inside and out, polish where necessary;
Clean and wash the bathtub, shower cabin, polishing the tabs;
Clean and wash the tiles and between the tiles, remove limescale;
Polishing mirrors and glasses;
Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary;
Cleaning the cabinets inside and out, if there are any;
Clean and wash the sink, polish the taps;
Hovering and mop the floor;
Clean and dust the fan, if possible;
Clean and wipe the door, remove marks and fingerprints;



Clean and wipe wardrobes and drawers outside, if the client require it could be done inside as well – extra time may be required to take the belongings out of the wardrobes, clean inside and put them back;
Dust and polish all tops and surfaces;
Wipe picture frames and lamp shapes;
Clean and wipe skirting boards;
Clean and wipe light switches, remove fingerprints and dirt;
Hovering and mop the floor where necessary.



Clean and wipe down doors and the door frame;
Any furniture outside only – inside on request and additional time may require to take the belongigs out and place them in after cleaning them;
Any sofas will be vacuumed, the cushions will be lifted and vacuum underneath;
Move any furniture, if possible, vacuum underneath and behind;
Clean and wipe skirting boards;
Clean and wipe banisters and radiators;
Dust picture frames and lamp shapes;
Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt


Clean and wipe down doors and the door frame;
Clean and wipe skirting boards;
Clean and wipe banisters and radiators;
Dust picture frames and lamp shapes;
Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt;
Clean the windows inside only, clean window frames and window sills


Clean and wipe skirting boards;
Dust picture frames;
Clean and wash the doors and the door frames, clean and polish the handle of the doors;
Dust lamp shapes;
Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt;
Dust and wipe window blinds, on request;
Clean and polish picture rails and banisters;
Cleaning around fireplace and radiators;
Polish mirrors and glasses;
We will clean the windows inside only (id the client need window cleaning outside, extra charge will apply), clean the window frames and window sills.

You can choose between spring cleaning and Regular cleaning depending on your schedule. We offer monthly, weekly, and one-off spring cleaning services. One thing is for sure – spring cleaning will make your life easier and more pleasant. If you need spring cleaning London based companies like ours will do the job for you. Just give us a call.

Moreover, our cleaners are fully trained to provide spring cleaning services and if you have any special requirements you can prepare your own task list and handed to the cleaners on arrival.

Prior to booking, we highly encourage our clients to visit our terms and conditions to know more about our services and all factors entailed.

Do You Need High Quality Spring Cleaning at Your Home?