What is the best product for cleaning up a kitchen oven?

Did you know that the top dirty places in your home area are actually two premises – the toilet and the kitchen? There might be no need to discuss why the toilet room is described as grimier than most of the rest rooms. However, you might wonder why the kitchen is listed in this chart for top spoiled domestic areas. Well, don’t forget it’s where you cook and sometimes, dine, too. And to make it even brighter for you, we should add that it’s the oven which turns the kitchen into a hot place for sweating cleaning chores…In other words, if cleaning the kitchen takes a day, sanitising the oven means spending half of it in scrubbing and polishing!

Why is it important to clean the kitchen oven properly?

best product for cleaning up a kitchen ovenAn oven in the kitchen is the place where most of the stains in the premise are located, but that’s not over. It’s where the food leftovers are remained to gather bacteria putting your entire dinner in risk of being not tasty at all, while your family away of the health principles you follow. Taking under considerations all of these unpleasant moments, it gets clear why it’s so essential to keep the kitchen oven hygienic on a regular basis:

  • A dirty kitchen oven provides unpalatable meals and health risks for your family
  • The spoiled oven spoils the entire look of your kitchen. You might do the housekeeping chores in the premise daily, but the nasty look of the greasy oven makes the whole of interior look ugly.
  • The kitchen oven that’s not properly sanitised smells bad.
  • The more rarely and improperly you clean the oven, the worse it works. With time a dirty oven requires more time to reach the desired temperature. Plus, when there is lots of leftover food and burnt areas in the oven, the heat cannot spread equally.

What the best hacks for proper kitchen oven cleaning are?

Cleaning the kitchen oven means cleaning it fully. Wiping it down from the inside is neither enough nor efficient. After all, you prepare your food inside the oven, so it’s essential to get rid of the stains on the racks, the hob and all the inner removable parts like the fire grates and the grill accessories. It’s a must for any housekeeper to disassemble all the removable parts at first and then to start scrubbing, wiping and washing. Soak the pieces in a big tube filled in with soapy water and leave them aside for an hour at least. During this time you can start disinfecting the rest oven elements and sides. For this purpose, don’t hesitate to use these secret hacks for a sparkling clean kitchen oven:

  • Start with food residue removal. Use rubber gloves and a sponge to scrub them away. It’s essential to begin the procedure with this task as the food leftover will additionally cover the bottom of the oven with tiny pieces of grime to remove.
  • Like any premise, any piece of furniture, as well as electric appliance, should be cleaned from top to bottom. That’s how you will save time and avoid cleaning the same area for several times.
  • There’s another good trick to save even more time while cleaning the kitchen oven. You can pre-treat the oven interior by covering it with all-purpose cleanser to dissolve the old stains. During this time damp and wipe the exterior.
  • It’s better to remove the stains at first and then, to proceed with top-to-bottom general cleaning.
  • Never forget to rinse each oven element as well as possible to avoid any toxins from the cleaners to appear in your food. Don’t pour too much water inside or on the oven, but damp and wipe with a clean wet cloth.
  • Finish the procedure with proper polishing. That’s how you will achieve not just excellent hygiene, but also an fantastic shining effect as the device is brand new.
  • If the oven still smells badly after the cleaning procedure, you will have to deodorise it. There are two alternatives for you – you can either use a commercial housekeeping spray anti-bad-odour product or prepare your own from citrus fruit juice.
  • Leave the oven open for a couple of hours and open the windows in the kitchen to air the entire premise.

Speaking of cleaners, not let’s move to our top guide for best oven cleaning products

We’ve got great news for you – there are multiple products you can use to clean up a kitchen oven properly. Sometimes, the hard work in scrubbing is actually 2/3 of your success in this procedure. However, don’t underestimate the good quality of the cleanser you will use (or prepare with materials at hand), either. The proper cleaning product can save you time but can also be the only way to get rid of some really stubborn, burnt or old spots. But let’s get to the point now – find out our amazing guide for the best products you can use to clean up a kitchen oven:

  • Before everything else, have in mind that you’ve got three alternatives to choose from when it comes to the best oven cleanser. First of all, you can skip the entire hard job of scrubbing and washing and instead, to rely on a professional oven cleaning company. In most cases the customers are not obliged to provide anything as cleansers bring the entire equipment, including cleansers. Second of all, you can buy oven cleaners from the local supermarket or a specially tailored store for housekeeping tools. The price range here is vast as there are both: extra affordable cleansers and highly innovative, but expensive cleaning solutions. Last, but not least, you can prepare your own all-purpose oven cleaners with ordinary materials you’ve got at home.
  • If you decide to clean the oven on your own and you prefer to buy a specially tailored cleanser for the purpose, there’s something you should on mandatory have in mind. Don’t forget to read your personal oven guides and instructions. It’s where you can find information regarding the materials the device is made of, as well as the forbidden cleansers you should not use. Meanwhile, while being in the store, read the product labels to assure you don’t buy some highly chemical solvent that can put you and your family’s health at risk.
  • There are plenty of useful recipes for domestic oven cleaners. One of the cheapest and useful materials for a homemade oven cleanse is baking soda. For old and burnt stains mix 2 table spoons of baking soda with two drops of mild dishwashing product and 50 ml of water. For overall cleaning, prepare some paste of baking soda and water with no soaps. If you have to deal with bad odour, to your mixtures some lemon or orange essential oil (one drop is enough). Finish the final rinse of the oven cleaning procedure with a mixture of white vinegar and water (1:2). Don’t worry; your oven won’t smell of vinegar as it vapours fast, especially if you don’t forget to air the premise with your oven doors opened.
  • However, if you believe you are not prepared for such a decent oven cleaning procedure and the cooking device in your kitchen is highly soiled even the best cleanser from the store might not be efficient enough to deal with the damages. Plus, sometimes an investment of solid money for expensive cleaners might be in vain as even the most stubborn and tough scrubbing is not enough for the housewife to cope with the burnt stains and grease.
  • In all cases, using a professional cleaning London company for the oven hygiene restoration chore is a great deal not only because it’s fast, safe and easy. It’s also beneficial for your health. The thing is that most private cleaning companies follow the latest standards and requirements for eco-friendly services. Due to this, for instance, TSV Cleaning Company provides a pet- and kid-friendly pack of oven cleansers provided by the trustworthy brand of Prochem & Jango. The solvents deal with any type of stain, and you are not going to be extra charged for them. Our cleaners came to your property with the entire oven cleaning equipment and finished the procedure in maximum of 4 hours. Now, think about it wisely – can you find efficient, affordable, but also toxic-free cleansers that might help you sanitise the oven in 4 hours only? Yeah, we doubt it, too!

Finding the best product for your kitchen oven cleaning procedure is essential and a key element for the proper purge. Considering the necessity of using no chemical cleansers is the right approach into healthy oven maintenance with a promise for tasty and wholesome meals!