What does “end of lease cleaning” mean?

End of lease cleaning is a popular cleaning procedure with several significant specifications to have in mind. You can also find or hear about the purge by the names of end of tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning. In all of these cases, though, a deep and thorough cleaning procedure is required. However, the top characteristic feature about this operation is based on the occasion that causes the necessity about the end of lease cleaning. In this detailed material, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the procedure. And in addition to this, we are going to provide you with a whole bunch of special tips to have in mind when you face the end of tenancy cleaning task, too.

When is the end of lease cleaning required?

end of lease cleaning The essence behind the end of lease cleaning is told in the name of this specific purge. It’s related to a legal lease contract. A lease contract is any agreement closed between two parties. One of the sides is always the owner or the manager of a certain property. It might be a person, who owns and gives for rent the property with no special assistance by experts, or an agency that manages the property given for rent. Meanwhile, the second side of the agreement is the person / family, who select the property to live in at the exchange of paying a fixed rent fee.

There is no matter if the property is a big house or a small apartment. The lease contract contains a specially tailored legal clause about the obligation for an end of lease cleaning procedure. As you can think off now, this obligation occurs once the contact period is over or if the tenants decide to move out prematurely. According to the legal clause within the contract, the tenant is obliged to perform the end of the cleaning procedure. The aim is to put the property back into its representative and proper condition. With this cleaning procedure, the landlord or the property manager aims to receive the house as welcoming and clean as possible to attract new tenants soon. On the other side, what the tenant aims is to receive his or her tenancy deposit back. Now, let’s talk more about this tenancy deposit as most customers give excellent grounds to do the end of tenancy cleaning because of it.

What’s the role the tenancy deposit at the end of lease cleaning?

The rental contract a customer signs with a landlord contains one more special clause – it’s the one for the tenancy deposit. According to this clause, the customer gives the landlord a certain amount of money as guarantee the property will be maintained decently during the rental period, while when it’s over the end of lease cleaning procedure will be properly done. If the tenant fails in this obligation, the landlord has the right to keep the tenancy deposit. Since the tenancy deposit is usually a solid amount of money, no customer is ready to lose it. Add to this the fact that in 90% of the cases the tenant has also a removal to handle, the necessity of extra cash is always welcomed. However, statistics say that in 50% of the cases, customers cannot receive their tenancy deposits back.

During the inventory check, which is a standard procedure for examination of the property condition, landlords are not always satisfied with the condition of their houses or flats. That’s how the classical (and nasty, to tell you the truth) tenancy disputes begin. As a result of these disputes, everyone is losing. Besides the frustrating argues, the landlord is deprived of giving the property for rent as soon as possible to other tenants, while the tenant loses the tenancy deposit.

Why the end of lease cleaning disputes are so often?

As a matter of fact, the answer is very simple – it’s because tenants are usually not aware of the significance behind the end of tenancy cleaning procedure. Moreover – some tenants even don’t know they have to perform such a purge before moving out the property. In better cases, when the customer is aware of this obligation, the problem occurs with its checklist. The end of tenancy cleaning is actually not a standard domestic cleaning procedure. Tidying up the premises after packing your personal belongings and getting rid of the evident stains in the cooking zone is not enough to cover the requirements for proper cleaning. And here’s one more big issue – about 45% of the tenants are not used to clean the property on a regular base. Eventually, the house becomes dirtier and dirtier. And when the removal comes, the mess seems to be unbearable, especially when not having the discipline for ordinary cleaning. The tenant overestimates his skills, believing he will be ok to do the purge. But the result is never satisfying enough and here comes the dispute, the loss of tenancy deposit back and many more extra issues…Is it possible to avoid them?

end of lease cleaning equipmentProper move out cleaning is the answer to risk-free removal and the return of the tenancy deposit!

The proper end of lease cleaning should correspond to all of these requirements and rules to follow, guys (please never forget them if you decide to do the purge with no additional or professional cleaning help):

  • Top-to-bottom cleaning of ALL premises of the property
  • Extremely special attention at dirtiest places like the kitchen (including the dirtiest zones in the kitchen, like an oven), the sanitary premises – bathroom, laundry room and toilet – and sometimes, the kid’s room
  • All stains should be removed no matter how stubborn they are
  • The end of tenancy cleaning should be in time
  • Airing the premises and deodorising against bad odour are recommended
  • Move out cleaning is a kind of pre-welcoming procedure for the next tenants. That’s why you should think about their health and wellbeing on mandatory. So, try to avoid any chemical cleansers as the next inhabitants might be kids, families with pets and even patients with allergic or respiratory problems.

Top tips for successful end of lease cleaning

The successful end of lease cleaning is the cleaning that results in smooth and dispute-free inventory check. The landlord or the property manager literally shakes hands with the tenant with no bad blood. Eventually, the landlord can immediately offer the property for rent, while the tenant receives the tenancy deposit back. How to achieve that outcome with zero stress? Here are some good tips for the purpose:

  • Manage your time wisely. You should set at least 30% of your total removal process time for the cleaning procedure.
  • It’s easier to do the cleaning finely with your personal belongings removed of the property. It’s how you will sanitise the hard to be reached zones.
  • Have a strict checklist for the procedure. As a matter of fact, the more detailed it is, the better. You can have checklists per each premise of the property.
  • Whether it’s a 3-bedroom house, or a small apartment in London, end of lease cleaning is a thorough cleaning procedure. It’s obvious you need assistants by hand. Consider assigning tasks to all of your family members, asking for some assistance by the neighbours, colleagues or best friends.
  • By all means, the best assistance you can get for this task is the professional one. Thankfully, the professional cleaning market in the UK provides thousands of different offers for such a service.
  • A professional end of lease cleaning is beneficial for numerous reasons, like saving time, giving you a guarantee for receiving the tenancy deposit back, no need to buy any cleaning equipment for deep stain removal and disinfection, getting rid of stress and so one…

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So, don’t you think it’s worth it to have a faultless end of lease cleaning without sweating and worrying about the inventory check?

Tony Barnes