What are the most effective microwave oven cleaners?

Want some tricks and guides to master up the microwave oven cleaning chore? Well, praise is, as the fact you are diligent enough in housekeeping not to forget this electric appliance deserves some applauses. You’ve got to admit it – even if you are using the microwave oven only to heat up your meal, messy damages with blots happen on a regular basis. It takes only two portions of spaghetti Bolognese to be warmed up again in the microwave oven, and its inner part starts looking like a bloody war zone, right? Let’s say ENOUGH with the stains and the smelly interior of the microwave oven. It’s time to find out what are the most effective cleaners to make it sparkling clean again!

Preparing for the microwave oven cleaning procedure with an ease

Good preparation ensures good task execution. So there’s no gain without the pain of having yourself ready for a couple of hours of cleaning chores. Indeed, there’s going to be scrubbing and scrubbing, and even more scrubbing. However, the final result – an ideally sanitised and well-smelling microwave oven worth it! Here is what you need to do in advance before the start of microwave oven full disinfection restoration:

  • Get yourself motivated. By the way, this is not a joke. Indeed, you have to prepare your will for some tough work. On the other side, if you clean the microwave oven on a regular basis (wipe and damp it with a clean cloth once, in a while, you will always miss the hard job of vigorous scrubbing for hours ahead).
  • Now, let’s do some groceries. Add to your today’s shopping list these necessary, but affordable enough cleaning tools to prepare for some efficient microwave oven purge: baking soda, two cups of lukewarm water, about 20 ml of white vinegar, sponge, alcohol (yes, vodka is ok, too), clean microfiber cloth, some bowl to prepare your homemade microwave oven cleaners, rubber gloves to protect your brand new manicure, one lemon and mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Remove the inner microwave oven plate. Be extremely careful with it not to break it. The thing is that this isn’t an ordinary plate you can eventually replace with a new one if accidentally drop it down. It’s a good idea to soak it in soapy water till you sanitise the interior and exterior of the microwave oven. Another great trick is to simply clean it in the dishwashing machine.
  • If you have kids at home who are quite willing to help you with the microwave oven cleaning chore, you can ask them to wipe the inner plate or give you some hand in the shopping or the entire cleansing procedure, too. Don’t underestimate this idea as it will save you time and will be educative for your kids, no doubts. The sooner you teach them to help you in housekeeping, the faster they will learn how important these little, but significant house chores are.
  • It’s highly recommended to clean any kitchen appliance, including the microwave oven while it’s shut down of the socket. However, below we will offer you one tricky offer to eliminate the bad odor of the microwave oven. It should be done while the microwave oven is working. Here’s what we need…
  • To eliminate the bad smell of the fish you have just warmed up in the microwave oven, you don’t have to buy any special deodorizers. Instead, you should add either a sponge soaked in the juice of a whole lemon, or a small bowl filled with lukewarm water, white vinegar and few drops of orange essential oil. Put any of them in the microwave oven and set it to work on average power for 10-15 minutes. The effect is amazing, but note, it’s preferable to do the bad odour removal after the cleansing chore.

Here are the best homemade microwave oven cleansers to try

after oven cleaning CroydonOk, now, let’s move to the cleaning procedure. First of all, begin with the scrubbing of all food residues. For this purpose, prepare some paste of baking soda, dish washing product (all-purpose cleanser is ok, too) and water. Start scrubbing the old grease on the walls, as well as the burnt areas, with the sponge and once the spot is gone damp and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Continue with proper hygiene restoration of the microwave oven. You can use some soapy water or a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Rinse any cleaned zone with the soaked sponge and then, wipe out with some clean cloth.

The exterior cleaning procedure repeats the steps from the above with one additional task to perform. If you truly desire to have your entire kitchen sparkling clean and shining bright like a diamond, here’s what to do. To restore the outside microwave oven shine, polish it well. For this purpose, you can use ordinary alcohol. Mix it with water and clean the microwave oven properly and deeply. Last, but not least, wipe it out with some clean cloth once again.

When you are ready with the entire cleaning procedure, it’s good to open the microwave oven door and then the windows in the premise to air the whole area. If you use toxic all-purpose cleansers or any other cleansing detergents with chemicals, it’s a must to ensure you will “chase them away”. Though, airing is not a 100% guarantee to secure your toxic-free microwave oven procedure. If you insist on such a healthy approach, consider the next alternative we’ve got to offer you…

How about fast and eco-friendly microwave oven cleaning with no efforts and no shopping of cleaners?

Guess what, guys, this is actually now possible. If you are afraid of having your microwave oven poisoning with cleansers you don’t trust and full of toxins, or if you are not good in scrubbing and any housekeeping job at all, you might love this idea: why not calling the local professional cleaning London company to do the entire job. TSV Cleaning Company, for instance, provides a special service for proper, top-to-bottom and risk-free microwave oven cleaning. And the greatest news is that you don’t have to buy any cleansers or to prepare any homemade detergents. Instead, our cleaners bring the entire necessary cleaning equipment with no extra fee in the final charging. We guarantee that our procedures are environment-friendly as we partner with Prochem & Jangro brand. This company provides us with non-toxic, but efficient and kid-friendly detergents that have no harm to healthy living space.

So, what do you prefer? Putting in risk your entire family by cleansing the top used kitchen appliance at home with chemical detergents or preparing your own cleansers with materials at hand? Well, there’s even an easier alternative – not doing anything and still, having a fantastic eco-friendly microwave oven cleaning service without even getting out of the coach and preformed with brilliant green cleansing solutions. It’s up to you, but hence, don’t forget, ideal cleanliness shouldn’t never be at the sake of your family’s health, and chemical detergents should be better avoided as much as possible.