How a bond cleaning is different from commercial cleaning?

When it comes to a dirty house, there are numerous cleanings tasks you can think off – like ordinary domestic cleaning that includes small chores like tidying up and dusting; deeper cleaning like the annual spring cleaning or small cleaning procedure for certain elements of the interior. Differentiating them is the key to successful performance, especially when it comes to significant cleaning procedures like bond cleaning. And since our today’s material is related to this cleaning procedure, it’s essential to put down its specifications aiming to differentiate it with the commercial cleaning…

First of all, what’s bond cleaning?

Bond cleaning is a very popular cleaning procedure among tenants, landlords, real estate agents, the property manages, and so on. It’s also known as move out cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, end of cleaning and so on… Bond cleaning is a deep and top-to-bottom purge in a house given for rent. Usually, the tenant is the one who’s obliged to perform it. Moreover, the obligation is put into force due to the legal lease contract signed between the tenant and the landlord (or the property manager, the real estate agency, etc.).

The bond cleaning is based on a specially tailored clause in this lease agreement. If the tenant fails in performing it well and properly, the dispute with the landlord isn’t the only negative consequence to face. As a kind of a penalty, the tenant will also not receive his tenancy deposit back. The tenancy deposit, on the other side, is an amount of money given as guarantee by the tenant to the landlord with the moving in process. It guarantees that after the rental period the landlord will receive the property back into its proper condition, which means a deep bond cleaning is a must.

How does all of these, though, is related to commercial cleaning? Well, hold on, just a second more, and you will find out what we are talking about… But at first, let’s put down some important notes regarding the essence of the commercial cleaning.

After all, what’s commercial cleaning then?

Basically, by commercial cleaning, we can understand two things. Let’s mention both of them before switching to comparing the procedure with bond cleaning.

  1. Commercial cleaning is regularly understood as a specially tailored cleaning procedure performed in commercial buildings or single units. In most cases, the procedure is done by a professional cleaning company. Usually, it’s about cleaning on a regular basis – for instance, day by day, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning with a subscription for the exact frequency and time of visits. Here are some examples of commercial cleaning – expert cleaning of restaurants, stores or hotels, but also professional cleaning of office buildings, warehouses and so on.
  2. The second meaning by the term of commercial cleaning is what matters to us in this material. By commercial cleaning, we also often understand some cleaning procedure that’s performed by a professional company. Professional companies offer a variety of services – including oven cleaning, spring cleaning and bond cleaning, too.

So, what’s the difference between bond cleaning and commercial cleaning then?

Well, it’s a huge one! The difference is found in many factors of the purge in the rented property: duration, efficiency, resources, extras and many more. In general, the items and the premises that are cleaned within the bond cleaning and the commercial cleaning are the same. However, the way they are sanitised, the level of the hygiene that’s achieved and sometimes, even the final outcome in the inventory check are, doubtlessly, not the same at all.

Let’s discuss each of these differences between the commercial and the bond cleaning

north london kitchen cleaningCommercial cleaning always comes with a guarantee for success

If you do the bond cleaning on your own, there’s no way for you to be confident you’ll do everything in a perfect way to satisfy your landlord and eventually to get your tenancy deposit back. But things are different when you hire a professional company. First of all, the company sends to your property 100% insured cleaners. They are,on one hand, well-trained, finely instructed about the specifications in your lease contract, experienced, kind and understanding regarding your personal requirements and educated. Second of all, every commercial bond cleaning service comes with special guarantee. It gives you the right to call the company back if any omission occurs during the inventory check and there’s a risk for you not to get your deposit back. In 90% of today’s professional cleaning companies based in the UK, you’ve got 48-hour guarantee or 2 days within which to call the company back and the cleaners to redo the procedure for free. In our case, though, TSV Cleaning Company gives you a 72-hour guarantee.

Commercial cleaning takes at least twice less time than bond cleaning

Just think about how much time you need to spend in order to satisfy your pretentious landlord! OMG, that’s, indeed lots of time and there’s always a risk for something emergency to occur and prevent you from being as optimal as possible in your end of tenancy cleaning. That’s not going to happen with the professional bond cleaners. Commercial cleaning is a private cleaning procedure, and since the company promises you to do the purge in a day, it will be done in a day. Even if you require an emergency order, the company will send to the property as many and as more experienced cleaners as possible to have everything done till the deadline moment. And here’s the best part – TSV Cleaning Company does not extra charge you for emergency services. And TSV cleaners are very hard-working. One team per property is usually formed of up to 3 cleaners depending on the house / flat size. This is how commercial cleaning is done fast, with no risk and till the end of the day!

Ok, let’s face it bond cleaning definitely sucks…!

And here comes one more difference with commercial cleaning. The professional cleaning service simply cannot suck as you get the property sparkling clean while not standing out of your coach, with no sweating or hours of scrubbing nasty stains and giant disgusting burnt areas on the oven. Things get quite worse when you had yet taken the plunge to do the bond cleaning, put your entire energy and a couple of days, but eventually result in that grumpy landlord’s face telling you to forget about your tenancy deposit. Well, that would suck even more. But, with commercial cleaning, all of these unpleasant moments are totally impossible to occur to you.

Commercial cleaning means you don’t have to provide anything for the purge

By leaning on a professional cleaning company for the bond cleaning, you receive one more bonus. There’s no need for you to go to the store and buy any tools or cleansers for the purge. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, don’t bother, you don’t need one. The commercial cleaners have everything necessary for the bond cleaning. And trust us, they do know what’s necessary for such a deep and top-to-bottom purge better than you. Yes, you might thing a clean cloth and an all-purpose detergent are enough, but what about the windows, don’t they need special cleaning tools? And what about the greasy oven standing in front of you waiting for a good wipe and sanitizing? Can you really get rid of these old stains? And do you know how?

Leave all of these questions to the commercial cleaning providers. They have known the answers for a long time and they come to the property with the entire expert equipment. By the way, this equipment contains more than a couple of baskets, cleansers, sponges and etc. There are also innovative, modern and effective high-tech machinery and gadgets for the dirtiest places. Last, but not least commercial cleaning involves no toxic or chemical products that threaten the kid- and pet-friendly healthy environment. TSV Cleaning Company, for instance, works with the global brand Jangro aiming to protect the current tenants, the landlords and the next inhabitants from side effects or allergic reactions.


Now, let’s revise everything we have pointed out up to now. Commercial cleaning is faster, simpler, safer and more efficient than bond cleaning. It’s totally more competitive than an end of tenancy cleaning you can perform on your own. Do all of these then mean that it’s also more affordable? Yes, we can definitely conclude that. Commercial cleaning is more affordable than bond cleaning as it saves you time and stress, but let’s not forget it saves you money, too, because you don’t have to buy any cleaning tools and detergents.

Tony Barnes