5 Things that make a professional end of tenancy cleaning service better than the DIY project

It’s good to live on rent until the moment to move out, comes. Everything is perfect when you have fewer responsibilities for a home – because you don’t own it – and you still feel it like home. However, when you decide to change it, the big responsibility known as the end of tenancy cleaning comes to shake you up. It is a robust, deep and thorough sanitizing job that includes not just any room of the flat or the apartment, but even any corner and small detail. If you don’t clean literally everything, you will make your landlord mad. And you will eventually lose your tenancy deposit.

There are commonly two options for a tenant, who’s about to move out: DIY cleaning procedure or using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. A lot of people prefer to handle the job with no extra assistance, including such by experts. And they might be making a huge mistake. There are plenty of advantages from the professional end of tenancy cleaning London services. But five of them are crucial and fundamental. They are common and universal despite the property type or how pedant your landlord is. And they make the DIY cleaning job look inefficient or just a bad decision to make. 

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is stress-free

The removal is a stressful enough process to make it even less bearable by undertaking the end of tenancy cleaning. This process requires stable organization, proper preparation, perfect time management skills and time which sometimes you might not have. And it brings a lot of stress because you are changing your home place after all. Cleaning has been rarely a person’s official hobby. Nobody enjoys cleaning for real. As a matter of fact, most people hate it.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning saves time

It doesn’t matter how small the flat is or how many bedrooms the house you are leaving has. The perfect hygiene results are always required during the inventory check. Can you now imagine the size of the property and try to calculate the time you will need to clean it? No, to make it sparkling clean. As a non-professional, you might need at least a whole weekend. The end of tenancy cleaning service London takes up to 6 hours.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning doesn’t require from you to shop for any special equipment

Even if you have the nerves and the time to DIY the end of tenancy cleaning task, you might still not be able to achieve the expected results. A lot of objects in a living space, as well as a lot of sport types sometimes can be handled with powerful and professional machinery. But the general cleaning jobs will need general tools like detergents, sponges, towels and many more. And if you don’t have them, you will have to pay for them in the supermarket. The end of tenancy cleaning service price always includes the cleaning equipment.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning saves money

The cleaning equipment, indeed, will cost money. And that’s not the only price you will pay for DIY end of tenancy cleaning. Probably, you will have to ask for a day-off to manage the process. And the absence at work costs money, too. Professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes at affordable and quite reasonable rates which the average person usually can afford.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning guarantees the return of the tenancy deposit

Actually, it’s called an end of tenancy cleaning service guarantee. Nearly 90% of the British cleaning companies offer it. The insurance guarantees the customer to get his tenancy deposit back. It has even nothing to do to the more professional results a cleaning team can achieve rather than a housewife with a simple DIY project. The end of tenancy cleaning guarantee lets you within a couple of days (1, 2 or sometimes, even 4) to call back the company and claim for a free service re-do. The guarantee is applied in case of omission during the inventory check.

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Tony Barnes