The ultimate top-to-bottom end of tenancy prices guide

The ultimate top-to-bottom end of tenancy prices guide

Are you planning a removal soon? If yes, then, inside the chaos of your conscious the question about the end of tenancy cleaning price jumps out every time you consider your removal budget. Indeed, if you have never used the professional services of any cleaning company, or managed the end of tenancy cleaning on your own, the cost of this task is confusing and unknown. To reduce the stress for you as much as possible, we have decided to create this ultimate top-to-bottom end of tenancy cleaning guide.

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly end of tenancy cleaning is?

Before figuring out how much end of tenancy cleaning costs, let’s explain what exactly this type of cleaning procedure is. Also known and called as the end of lease cleaning, removal cleaning or just tenancy cleaning, the end of tenancy cleaning is a very deep, thorough and just like our guide, top-to-bottom sanitising procedure. Disinfection is a very significant part, but in addition to this, some comprehensive tidying up on all premises is a must.

  • Occasion – the end of tenancy cleaning is an agenda task when the current tenants decide to leave the property. There are two options for this case: the tenants perform the cleaning, or the property owner (the landlord) does it on his/her own.
  • Purpose – the end of tenancy cleaning is a must basically because new tenants are expected to rent the property. First of all, the landlord should put the house/flat back in a presentable condition to attract new tenants. Second of all, the tenants deserve to move into a sanitised, hygienic and tidied up living space.
  • Necessity – the end of tenancy cleaning is necessary to be done by the tenant because in 95% of the cases the lease contract they sign with the landlord includes a specially tailored clause regarding this cleaning procedure. To be more specific, the clause requires the tenants to put the living space back into its primary condition before or once they leave. Otherwise, the landlord has the right not to give the tenants the tenancy deposit back. The tenancy deposit is a preliminary paid fee that guarantees the landlord he or she will get the property in an excellent condition.
  • Essence – half-and-half end of tenancy cleaning is not recommended to be done by the tenants. The end of tenancy cleaning is a top-to-bottom sanitising process that includes all the living spaces, including the sanitary premises, the corridor and the terraces. The cleaning procedure requires decent and hard scrubbing, stain removal, disinfection, tidying up and, then, airing and freshening up (plus bad odour removal, if needed). There’s an option for a tenant, though, to book partial end of tenancy cleaning (tenant might have no time or skills for the last room to clean).

End of tenancy cleaning cost – three alternatives to choose from

When you manage your end of tenancy cleaning budget, you should determine your plan for action. You have three options to choose from when it comes to prices and efforts to invest.

You can manage the sanitising procedure on your own. In this case, the end of tenancy cleaning price is an amount that includes all the expenses in total. These expenses are individual and specific depending on the tenant. The availability of high-quality cleaning products and cleaning equipment reduces the end of tenancy cleaning price. However, the complete disinfection process requires professional heavy-duty professional devices (like diamond pads for floor cleaning, hot water extraction devices, expert dry cleaners, etc.). Some of these cleaning tools, by the way, can be rented, but they cost you money, too. Don’t underestimate the efforts and the time as resources you invest in the self-depended end of tenancy cleaning. For instance, in case of a highly soiled and dirty property, the tenant might need to require e day-off from work to cope with the purge.

If you want to eliminate the stress of the upcoming end of tenancy cleaning, you can let the landlord deal with this task. In this case, you face some risks, too. The landlord will eventually deduct the professional end of tenancy cleaning service price from your tenancy deposit. Moreover – you cannot know how expensive end of tenancy cleaning service the landlord might book. If you do your research on your own, you can find another, still high-quality, but affordable end of tenancy cleaning company.

Speaking of which, this is your last, probably, the most reasonable alternative you have – to book the end of tenancy cleaning service. In this case, you are the one who estimates the reliability of the cleaning company and the competitive prices for end of tenancy cleaning services on the market. The good news is that these days there are lots of expert companies offering such a service and with in-deep research, you can find some budget-friendly end of tenancy cleaning offer.

Top factors that influence on the end of tenancy cleaning price

Let’s consider you are already up to pay the worth it to be paid end of the tenancy cleaning price. In this case, it’s good to know the way the final service rate is calculated. It’s essential to know in advance that the end of tenancy cleaning cost is usually between 110 GBP to 250 GBP. The price range is huge since there are plenty of factors that influence the end of tenancy cleaning price.

  • Property size

The end of tenancy cleaning rate mainly depends on the property size. The service is available for both: flats (including studios) and houses. Naturally, the larger the property is, the higher the price is. Same goes for the number of rooms per property – the more premises, the harder the cleaning team’s job becomes, and respectively the higher is the price. Most cleaning companies provide free visits for inspection of the property to determine the final price.

  • The level of dirt in the property

It’s not hard to figure it out that the condition of the property influences on both: the expert team’s cleaning efforts and the final price. The dependence of the property condition extends over two directions. First of all, if the property is an old one, with no recent repairs or renovations, the dirt to be cleaned is more. Second of all, the level of hygiene the tenant used to keep regularly determines how vigorous the purge will be.

  • Extra cleaning service

All properties have familiar top dirty places. Usually, the WC, the kitchen plot and some of the kitchen electric devices or the carpets, as well as the kid’s room are highly soiled. They require special sanitising treatment. That’s why there are specially tailored services such as carpet cleaning, for instance. If you consider the windows as extremely dirty, in addition to the standard end of tenancy cleaning service, you can also order window cleaning. Don’t worry – there’s bonus for such a decision. Usually, the cleaning companies give you an extra discount for any additional booked service with the end of tenancy cleaning service.

Average end of tenancy cleaning prices

Different cleaning companies offer different end of tenancy cleaning prices. What we can offer is an affordable price list in a perfect balance with the high quality sanitising job.

Cheap end of tenancy cleaning service – is it worth it?

The cleaning market in the UK is enormous. You can find lots of companies with lots of weak and strong points if comparing them all. However, there’s a minimum standard of high quality you should strive for when it comes to decent end of tenancy cleaning. This minimum standard requires a certain amount of resources, detergents and efforts to be achieved, which is why the market has a kind of unofficial minimum of end of tenancy cleaning service price. All cheap end of tenancy cleaning services that are below this minimum standard is suspicious and risky. When you prefer to save some money by booking service of poor quality and low rate, you also risk your tenancy deposit. Don’t forget that.

Why is the professional end of tenancy cleaning service price worth it every penny?

Rather than telling you how awesome we are at our job (and we are!), we prefer to provide you with the full list of benefits you get when choosing to rely on professionals instead of paying the small end of tenancy cleaning price by doing the purge on your own:

  • Expert end of tenancy cleaning service price includes a 72-hour guarantee. It means that in case of any omission during the inventory check, the cleaning team will come back to the property to re-do the cleaning for free.
  • Professional end of tenancy cleaning service price includes insurance, too – all cleaners are 100% insures, so your personal belongings and the property are at a safe place, while when there’s a risk, there’s a compensation, too.
  • The perfect result in expert cleaning is always guaranteed without even you getting out of your sofa!
  • When booking a professional end of tenancy cleaners, you will get your tenancy deposit back!
  • Landlords (especially mean ones) have high hygiene criteria most of the tenants cannot meet if not being regular in cleaning. It’s hard for a landlord to dispute the end of tenancy cleaning result if it’s achieved by professionals, who know more about hygiene.
  • Professional end of tenancy cleaners is skilful and experienced enough. They know the top landlord’s requirements for hygiene, and they always conduct your service with your lease contract cleaning clause.

Feel free to reach us at any convenient for you time whether you have more questions about the end of tenancy cleaning prices, or you are finally confident about booking a professional cleaning team for your end of the lease!