How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost in the UK?

You could easily get involved in an end of tenancy cleaning team. Companies need such footage due to the growing need to visit many homes. Life is fast and has many commitments that people do not want to miss. Preferences are focused on hiring a professional company for precise cleaning rather than rubbing with days and hours. In addition, specialists are responsible for the final state of your current home. They will assist you with the return of the deposit and will contribute to your peace of mind. The average cleaning price for a rented apartment is relative but approximate. All businesses have individual pricing. The main factor is the size of the apartment or house. It is also consistent with the quality of service, cleaning agents and equipment used, as well as the required team.

Types of professional cleaning

Cleaning is not just a "simple game" but a whole profession requiring the application of different technologies and knowledge. Many people ignore the process, but in fact it is very important to a person's health. There is no greater certainty than living in a clean environment, at least in your home. Otherwise, the overgrowing of dust particles that are inhaled daily, cooking in dirty appliances, and the lack of fresh air can lead to serious negative consequences over time. That is why there is a need for different types of cleaning. In this way, consumers can save some money in this area but seek help for the heavily polluted areas - carpets, stoves, baths and more:

Regular cleaning

This type is every weekly cleaning. It may also be one month if you want to save some expenses. This means that every week the duty to clean your home is yours. Once a month, however, you will enjoy relaxation and relaxation while the experienced staff do it for you. You need to prepare an approximate amount calculated per hour or per room - on average, it would be about £ 15 per hour

Deep cleaning

Includes thorough cleaning of the premises, the procedure is less frequent. In fact, when you think you need it. However, it is highly recommended to do once every few months - for example, three months. The price is also relative - it depends on the size of the premises. The focus of specialists will be directed to the most polluted premises - kitchens and bathrooms. They are the most used and need the greatest care, though many come to sleep alone in their home. The price varies between £ 130 - £ 265 on average

Professional cleaning when leaving a home for rent

This kind of hygiene is done in a specific period - when you move to another rental apartment or when you leave your home to go to another place. In either case, you are interested in making the property clean and neat. This will save you a lot of time, effort and worries. Pack up the luggage while patrolling some specialists in the apartment. The price calculation will be approximate with the deep cleaning - £ 130 - £ 220

Carpet Cleaning

One of the biggest challenges for a housewife is to deal with carpets in different rooms. On the other hand, when leaving the landlord's property, he always closely observes the type of carpets. Spots and contamination from them are difficult to remove, so the most secure version is a professional business. Specialists know the different tissues and know how to treat them - what methods and cleaning agents to use. The cost of carpet cleaning is strictly individual - specialists will prepare you a quote after seeing the position and size of the soft floor. It is about £ 45 - £ 105 on average

Cleaning of certain appliances, premises and others

The real professional is obliged to respond to any wishes of the clients. Very often, people are hired for cleaning individual appliances, for mattresses, furniture, windows and more. This is a good way to save solid amounts, but security for your safety and the type of appliances and furniture. Here the prices are strictly individual depending on what you will clean up.

The difference between end of tenancy cleaning and "normal" cleaning

Normal cleaning is not called normal, but a "Regular cleaning", for which no effort is being made. Included are routine procedures - dust removal and removal of visible dirt - putting on a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner for home use. End of tenancy cleaning when renting a home or moving from your home to another is much more detailed. It is the so-called "Deep cleaning". Each professional cleaning company has a different list and program called checklist, on which it operates but generally includes:

  • Kitchen - oven and hob cleaner, extractor hood, microwave oven, fridge and freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, sink, countertop, cabinets, walls - dust, floor and flooring (including carpets)
  • Bathroom and toilet - cleaning the inside windows and mirrors, cleaning the tiles. Cleaning cabinets, bathroom accessories, removing limestone and mold, cleaning bath, toilet, sink, shower, mixers and other
  • Living room - cleaning the hard and soft flooring, cleaning the dust from the side walls and the ceiling. Cleaning and polishing of the windows on the inside, curtains, blinds, dusting of sections, cabinets, tables and more. Cleaning of furniture
  • Bedroom - Window cleaning and polishing from the inside, cleaning the sills, removing dirt and spider from the walls and ceiling, cleaning the dust from built-in wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables, shelves and more. Removing dirt from floors and carpets, rugs, carpets and more
    Corridors - cleaning the windows inside and polishing, cleaning the sills, hard flooring, soft flooring, cleaning the walls and ceiling of cobwebs, cleaning staircases, etc.
  • General - cleaning of locks and keys, door handles, junk ejection and washing of small and large bins and others
  • Additional extras - cleaning the windows and outside windows, cleaning accumulated dirt in the ditch and ducts, cleaning the yard and driveway, rails and other
    As you can see, you can not rely on an average price. You need a guide to see everything included in the cleaning. Very often the carpets and the oven may require an additional amount. Look for the most optimal cleaning option that has a satisfying result - get your deposit back but save some costs if possible. Do not trust the published price lists, better ask in-place, by phone or email. Collect a few different options and invite a group that best suits your preferences and requirements.

What is the average cost of cleaning a property when leaving UK?

There is no specific price, which can "catch" in this area. Each company has the full right to set a different price list for its services, although everyone is driven by competition. Sometimes, however, the higher cost brings more home security. Sometimes at the cheaper there is a trap for inferior quality, worse preparations, more cumbersome servicing, hiding details, and so on.

The average end of tenancy cleaning price is approximately:

  • Average studio cost - £ 95 to £ 240, with an average of £ 195
  • Apartment with one or two rooms - £ 140 to £ 315, the average is £ 250
  • Apartment with two or three bedrooms - £ 155 to £ 380, the average is £ 315
  • House with four or five bedrooms - £ 185 to £ 525, with an average of £ 370
  • Properties with six or more bedrooms cost the most expensive - starting at £ 230, averaging around £ 415

These values ​​are tentative to get a little idea of ​​this type of service. To get an accurate assessment according to your specific needs, have a look our end of tenancy cleaning prices or just contact us.

You will receive professional end of tenancy cleaning service and a specific offer when you explain all the details. There are two options - to make a phone call or to request an email. This will save you time to visit different offices. You could make many more comparisons if you proceed remotely. So, sooner or later, you'll get a bargain, according to your current capabilities.