Ultimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Moving from a rental property, you have to take care of the created mess during your stay. At least because of the honesty to the landlord, and above all, to get back your deposit. Complete cleaning is not an easy task - it is associated with a lot of time, effort and purchase of various preparations. Taking personal responsibility for precise professional end of tenancy cleaning, you should consider an important element - the checklist. It lists all large and small details in each room at the time of application. Before you pass the key and call the landlord for a final view, you have to get the same look.

What is a checklist and what does it serve?

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist is a guarantee for the landlord and tenant. The landlord passes through every pen, looking at whether there is any change in the furniture, detail, appliance or accessory. In this way he will not miss any damage. It is also considered as a preventive measure for disputes. On the other hand, the tenant will know what he has to fix at the end of the stay. He can go through the list and make a preliminary view before the landlord comes in. He is also insured by unfair accusations in his address. Without a checklist, misunderstandings can always come about - for one side and the other (in terms of certain types of stains, dents in the walls, etc.).

While the rental is a source of earned income, the landlord also wants to do everything possible to keep the furniture look good for longer. It is normal for the years to have some wear on the furniture used and minor damage to the appliances, but some tenants are prone to big havoc. The checklist is insuring the tenant with serious financial losses at the end of the contract. However, the landlord is also required to provide the property to the lessee, cleaned by professional standard. It is the tenant who makes the inspection at the beginning - then write down all his remarks and shortcomings of the property.

Then it means that you have agreed to everything and will care for a good steward. It is possible that the new lodger agrees to accept a dirty oven, but then the written agreement is the same - to give in the same form. The checklist covers all areas - from sleeping and living rooms, sanitary facilities and kitchens to small accessories, small items and outdoor yard spaces. Includes a detailed description of the performance or disadvantages of furniture, appliances, sinks, toilets, mixers, windows, blinds, curtains, sections and lighting fixtures and more.

What does the checklist for letting a property include?

There is a template that can be used by all landlords. It describes each item in the property's rooms. In most cases the rented apartments are cleaned professionally. In order for the tenants to know exactly what this means, they need to know each item:

Bedrooms and living rooms

  • Removing cobwebs from the ceiling and all the corners in the rooms
  • Sweeping dust from wardrobes, shelves and cabinets - front, top and inside
  • Dusting on the top of doors and picture frames (if any)
  • Polishing mirrors, photos and wall hangers
  • Cleaning and polishing of metallic elements
  • Cleaning the rails
  • Cleaning of blinds, curtains and curtains
  • Cleaning accessories, decorations and skirtings
  • Wiping and polishing of keys and locks
  • Clean contacts and extensions

Cleaning of mattresses

  • Removing or repainting contaminated and damaged walls
  • Vacuum cleaner and mop / steam cleaner on the floor


  • Removal of limestone and mold if they have occurred
  • Cleaning the toilet and bidet as well as the cistern (if any)
  • Bathtub cleaning
  • Cleaning of water cups, soap dispensers
  • Cleaning the place for toothbrushes
  • Wipe and polish the heating ribs, towels and hangers accessories
  • Sewerage cleaning
  • Cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and polishing of fittings, sinks and bathtubs, shower mixers
  • Cleaning the fans
  • Cleaning the tiles


  • Polishing the hob, back of the hob and sink
  • Polishing the mixer
  • Removal of limestone deposits and mold between the joints of the tiles
  • Cleaning racks, drawers and shelves - inside and outside
  • Cleaning the oven - inside and outside
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer - inside and outside
  • Clean the microwave oven - inside and outside
  • Cleaning the washing machine - inside and outside
  • Cleaning the dishwasher - inside and outside
  • Cleaning of gas hobs and their knobs
  • Cleaning the dirt from the aspirators and ceramic hobs
  • Throwing food debris
  • Disinfection of containers and disposal of rubbish
  • Re-order the cutlery and similar accessories
  • Clean the inside of the windows and wiping the sills, ledges and frames
  • Cleaning of doors, handles and window frames
  • Clean the radiators if you have access to them
  • Cleaning the keys and light contacts
  • Vacuum on the floor and use a steam cleaner


  • Wiping and polishing of tables, open countertops and other surfaces
  • Wiping and polishing all wood elements
  • Vacuum on the sofa, pillows to it, and all decorative pillows
  • Passing with a vacuum cleaner with a special fitting under the sofa, armchairs and other furniture
  • Cleaning stains on furniture


  • Clean all the edges of the carpet
  • Moving the furniture and applying vacuum underneath

Steam cleaning

  • Clean any stains with household cleaners or with reliable cleaning agents


  • Removing dust from blinds, curtains and curtains
  • Wiping dust from the ledges
  • Clean the windows with greasy stains, fingerprints and other visible traces
  • Wiping with a dry cloth
  • Drawers, cabinets and shelves
  • Empty all items from the drawers and cabinets, and remove the items from the shelves
  • Wiping out and inside
  • Wipe around the handles and the handles themselves

Refrigerator and freezer

  • Remove dirt, mold and debris from food
  • Clean the rubber seal
  • Dismantling, washing and rinsing the logs, grids and shelves that are in the fridge and freezer
  • Wiping and polishing the outside and the handles
  • Move (if possible) and clean at the back and bottom


You should check the performance of each appliance before you apply it, so as not to blame you for damage that has happened for a long time. The contract must also include feathers that include the different equipment in the property.


  1. Cleaning the dishwasher - deposits from food and soap
  2. Removal of all dirt, mold and mold
  3. Cleaned on filters
  4. Wipe the rubber seal
  5. Move and clean at the back and bottom (if not embedded)
  6. Wash the tablet or other preparation section
  7. Wipe the machine handle

The washing machine

  • Cleaning the drum unit
  • Clean the filters
  • Washing the detergent and softener section and wiping
  • Wipe the rubber seal
  • Clean the outside of the washing machine
  • Move and clean at the back and bottom (if not embedded)

The dryer

  • Cleaning from inside and outside
  • Check and clean the rubber seal
  • Clean the soap drawer
  • Check and clean the filter

Ovens and microwave ovens

  • Cleansing deposits from food and fat
  • Re-clean the oven, fan, hot plate and grill
  • Clean the inside of the microwave oven
  • Washing and drying of fastenings