What kind of services do cleaning services company offers?

Cleaning is one of the the most sought after service across London. This is why competition is on the increase, and customers are becoming more and more satisfied because they get more affordable offers. Diversity does not stop growing to achieve full satisfaction in every direction in this area. The biggest problem for users is that they feel threatened in some way because they have to allow a firm or a person to get into their home. It is positive that good-quality agencies offer satisfactory insurance and guarantees in the event of property damage. So, trust your routine, deep cleansing or when you need to rent a dwelling. Seek professional help if you have a specific need to clean the fridge, carpet, windows, upholstery, cleaning after building a building or etc. Offering cleaning is for both home and business.


What type of cleaning service can you find?

Nowadays everything can be found - from the smallest and most unnecessary subject to the best services. Cleaning companies are "multiplying" in the market, thinking about satisfying the needs of their clients - their healthy living environment, calmness and coziness. The most common services available in this market are:


Routine regular home cleaning

This type of cleaning may be different in some homes. Every client has the right to direct the assistant to those tasks that are most needed at the moment. Of course, they must enter the list of services offered. It usually takes about two hours a week or three hours in two weeks - companies again take full account of the client. The price is cheaper than deep cleaning, moving or spring sanitation. Most often it covers the following tasks: and

Dining Room / Living Room - Surface Cleaning, Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Paintings, Mirrors, Sills,


Carpet Vacuum

  • Kitchen - floor and vacuum cleaning of a carpet, cleaning of a kitchen counter, wiping of cabinets and shelves (outside and inside), some kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Bedroom / bedrooms - changing sheets, wiping chairs, tables, wardrobes, cupboards, floor and vacuum on carpet, wiping powder painting, mirrors, window cleaning
  • Wet spaces - cleaning and polishing of a sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, mixers and cranes, pounds, tile cleaning
  • Entrance halls / ladders - wiping doors, sills, railings, floor and vacuum cleaning on a carpet


Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is applied in the spring, but not only. Then is the time to change the wardrobe, to improve home hygiene and disinfection. Professionals do it in-depth and act consistently, but always respect the budget and customer requirements. You do not have to be horrified by the very thought of cleaning, because experienced cadres will help you. The following areas are normally cleaned:

Interior Cleaning:

  • Cleaning cobwebs and dust from every angle in every room, reaching even the most difficult places
  • Vacuum and wash the floor
  • Wipe and polish all lighting fixtures, sockets, switches, couplers
  • Wiping and polishing of mixers, cranes and others
  • Wiping the surface of all possible furniture, cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and more
  • Wash the windows on the inside
  • Cleaning of the kitchen area - cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen sink, hob, dishwashing, polishing and cleaning the appliances on the outside
  • Wet cleaning - washing and polishing of sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, mixers and cranes, tile and gutter cleaning, mirrors and other glass surfaces, accessories
  • Collection and disposal of garbage at dedicated sites


  • Collect and dispose of garbage at designated and permitted locations for this purpose
  • Cleaning and arrangement of external area - rear or front yard, storage room, garage and other
  • Wash asphalt areas and clean up outdoor furniture
  • Everything else that customers need

Cleaning on leaving a home for rent

If the house is full when the house is clean and all the belongings are around the workers, this is an empty home. Only dirt on the furniture, the floor, the appliances, the cabinets, and so on. This type of cleaning is the most expensive because it requires a lot of tasks (usually followed by the lessee's checklist that it has received when applied).

The end of tenancy cleaning result must always be satisfactory to the landlord so that the tenant can get back his deposit. The main tasks include those detailed in deep cleaning, but some additional:

  • Partial or complete carpet cleaning - depends on whether there are many stains. The most polluted site is treated by various powerful methods
  • Cleaning the upholstery of furniture, mattresses and pillows
  • Execution of various plumbing, carpentry, locksmithery and decorative services
  • Providing a bus to dispose of multiple junk from the transport


Office cleaning

If the house cleaning can wait, offices need frequent maintenance to meet customers in a clean and neat space. There is no way entrepreneurs can expect good deals, since they do not charm investors even in appearance. Companies also offer a range of cleaning services to ensure cost-effective cleaning.

The positive thing is that cleaning is possible without stopping work or hindering employees' productivity. Professionals know the job and act for a negative time. Services include evening programs, which each company could use if it does not want to be done during the day. Maintaining an office includes:

  • Cleaned on the floor
  • Dust wiping
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities
  • Disposal of trash from bins
  • Cleaning windows
  • Everything else that the client pointed out
  • Cleaning after repair / new building

Repair activities are by no means the favorite for a household. If it's a home where it lives, it means shifting things, furniture, and a bunch of other things. Depending on the nature of the repair, sometimes the situation is easier to manage, but sometimes it is associated with a lot of junk and building materials. The unpleasant thing is that cleaning begins with the entry of the masters, but it does not end there. During the repair, as well as afterwards, cleaning is necessary. At one point, you may feel confused by the profession.

However, the ultimate effect justifies everything. There is also a way to reduce some of the unpleasant obligations to getting the new look. Almost every cleaning company offers a service in this connection - cleaning after repair (whether it is a building that is just built or for a routine change in the house type).

The company's main responsibility may or may not include (it all depends on what they offer on their website or proposals):

  • Collection and removal of all waste left on the construction site after repair - different boxes, buckets, nylons and any other junk
  • Removing cement, plaster and paint from window frames, windows and floors
  • Clean and polish existing windows on the inside
  • Wiping keys and contacts
  • Remove dust and clean existing skirting boards, walls, cabinets and more
  • Cleaning and polishing of various items in the bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and more
  • Washing tiles and floors in all rooms
  • Everything else that the client requires
  • Individual cleaning of different items - there are many customers who prefer to save money by seizing themselves with cleaning. During the process, they often find themselves in difficulty with some more contaminated plots. That is why we offer cleaning of individual items - accessories, appliances, etc.

Among the most problematic in home cleaning are the stains on the carpets, the polished upholstery, the cleaning of the windows - outside and inside, the dirty grime in the ovens and refrigerators. With all this, the specialists of the wide range of cleaning companies can handle it. In principle, services are not cheap, but one or two things will not cost you as solid as cleaning the whole home. Take advantage of these good alternatives to enjoy a clean and welcoming living environment.

Tony Barnes