Ordinary or self-cleaning microwave?

Do you dream of a microwave that is multifunctional - to serve you for reheating delicious dishes, for thawing, for cooking. And popcorn - they become so easy and are simply unparalleled. How does it sound after these activities to clean it with a single click? Well, all this can be a fact. Your choice is whether to buy a simple microwave or a self-cleaning feature. Consumer networks offer a wide range of products that can almost replace the oven. Therefore, it is important that when buying a microwave, be aware of what it will serve you.

Difference between ordinary and self-cleaning microwave oven

self cleaning micro ovenDo not expect that you will find very significant differences between the two species. There are a few more differences to other important aspects - whether it is just to warm and thaw, or to be a convector, with a grill and more. With regard to oven cleaning, there are two main distinguishing factors:
additional self-cleaning function - you would not want to distinguish this type of model from an external oven.

Therefore, if you have decided to buy a self-cleaning stove, you should take advantage of the store consultant's services. They could explain in detail what it is and what additional extras you will get if you choose a microwave with self-cleaning function. If you think the cleaning of the small appliance is tangled up and you are constantly delaying it, incline your choice to a self-cleaning microwave

Self-cleaning microwave has a higher price

Each feature has its own price. Sometimes it is completely justified, and another time it's a clean dose of galliness. In this case, the higher amount will replace you with cleaning, but it will cost you an extra electricity bill. Draw your wishes well and see if the difference is essential. It is possible to get good quality with enough features, and for an amount that is within your budget. Depends on your preferences and intentions for operation. The important thing is that the market offers diversity that you can take advantage of

Advantages of a self-cleaning microwave

Removes well-burned food and fat residues

microwave oven burned foodThe high temperature created in the small space, "does not forgive" even the most stubborn dirt. Self-cleaning feature can guarantee you secure results. It would be good just before you remove the bigger food debris, if any

Do not waste time cleaning

Cleaning time is often not recognized for much of what activity, but it actually takes a significant part of the free day for a housewife. Now is the time to promote male sex for a gift to your mate - the microwave cleaning function can provide you with time

You do not have to rub

You are probably well aware of this activity and now is the time to make the right choice. It depends on whether you want to make your kitchen work easier or you tend to "roll up your sleeves" and remove all the dirt yourself

No heavy chemical preparations and protective equipment are used

All that is required to clean the appliance is to set it up at the right time and start the process. You do not have to inhale heavy chemical vapors and get glasses, masks and rubber gloves. Forget about the possibility of redness of the eyes, coughing or itching on the skin. Preparations found in stores are harmful because they contain ingredients for more powerful action.

Disadvantages of the self-cleaning microwave

carbon monoxideCarbon monoxide accumulation

Carbon monoxide may be formed during cleaning. It is a gas that is highly toxic to humans and animals. It's hardly recognizable, but it is made up of charred foods, to which precisely the self-cleaning function.

Self-cleaning is harmful to pets

If you have a dog or a cat, for example, you are taking as part of the family, you should keep in mind that this extra is not safe for them. Of all kinds of animals, the birds are the most dangerous, so if you have a parrot, you should not expose it to such a risk or take some precautions. The safest method is to bring all the animals out into the yard

It is not recommended to use if you have asthmatics or people with respiratory disease in the family

If you are aware of this type of illness in your family, keep this member as far as possible during the cycle. For the best safety, let's be out of the house. Sometimes venting or blowing the fan may not be a sufficient safety measure. The vapors that are formed are strong and it takes more time to dissipate

Method for safe microwave oven cleaning

microwave oven cleaning londonIt is good to own a self-cleaning microwave, but it is good to be aware of a safe way that you can periodically take care of the appliance yourself. It is easy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

By applying it, you will feel how the need for deeper cleaning will decrease. The money you will need is available in every home, but they do incredible results. Forget the toxic preparations.

Ingredients required:

  • white vinegar
  • Bowl
  • sponge
  • wooden spoon
  • a sponge, a cloth, a microfiber cloth, and others

Step 1: "Mix" the detergent

Pour a glass of white vinegar into a microwave-assisted container and a glass of water. Put the liquid in the appliance together with the wooden spoon.

Step 2: Turn on the microwave

Set a microwave period and drop it. The time depends on the power, but in principle about 5-10 minutes are enough. When you hear the stop sound, remove the liquid gently because the container will be warm. Use a warm gauntlet for this purpose.

Step 3: Wipe the appliance from the inside

The liquid you put up a bit ago must have formed steam that softens spills and splashes of fat. What you need to do now is just wiping with a wet sponge or rag. These are the finishing touches of internal cleaning. You should now have a well-hygienized microwave.

Step 4: Wipe the appliance from the outside

To have a good aesthetic appearance, clean the window and the outside of the dirt that has formed as a result of prolonged opening and closing. Generally it is slightly soiled from the outside, which means that a moistened microfibre cloth will do a good job. Well, you should already be proud of the self-cleaning and the brilliance achieved. It's time to start using it again.