Why does the cleaned oven still smell?

Some of you would think, "Why should I clean my oven once after I have to do it again?" "Cleaning after cleaning - to infinity." "The effect will be until the next use." Yes , but do you think it is useful to eat meals that are prepared in a space with accumulated soot, grease and debris of different kinds of food?

Incorporating the oven at such times leads to a strong smell of the food mix, and from the window you can safely observe smoke curtains. At some point, if you do not clean the household appliance, you will feel that you eat the same every time. It is therefore advisable to take care of the oven at your home. You need to strictly follow some rules that will provide you with a real healthy lunch or dinner.

oven cleaning smell

Why does the cleaned oven still smell?

The smell of the oven after self-cleaning is slightly different. There may be a slight smell of residue from the dirt, but rather you will feel the preparations you have used. Most of the chemicals are harmful and you have to be absolutely sure that there is no change before turning on the oven again. Some are very intrusive, with many possible scents. If you do not pay attention to this little detail, you could have a delicious dish with an impurity. Does not it sound very good?

Start cleaning with the aggressive remedy you have chosen - you must reach each corner to be convinced of its effectiveness. Then, use some very easy and harmless tricks to convince and reassure that your oven is hygienic and safe for the next cooking. Keep in mind that the deeper the cleaning of the appliance, the less work you will have afterwards. So you will quickly remove the smell from anything, and in the little space you will get real freshness. So environmentally friendly products will be transformed into the most useful dish for the whole family. The principle to follow is to continuously improve the circulation of clean air in the room - neutralizing bad odors.

How to remove the smell from the oven after cleaning?

Try boiling water

This method is as lazy as possible and will not require you to buy anything. You just have to put the water in the bowl to boil. Use a deeper container because it can boil. The temperature needs to be very high. Keep it for at least an hour to dissipate the smell. This technology is the least efficient of all listed here, but it is possible to use some additions. If you think you will not get satisfying results, just add half a cup of vinegar. Its absorbing effect has been known many years ago

Use lemons

The lemon carries the most pleasant and fresh aroma. This trick is extremely easy and effective - only a bowl full of water and a few lemons is required. The bowl must be of suitable material intended for use in a working oven. Squeeze the lemons in the bowl with water and heat the appliance to the maximum. Leave it at least 20 minutes to work at maximum power, then turn it off. You should already have achieved the desired effect.

oven cleaning with lemonBoil lemon peel

Squeezed lemon will not provide as strong and pleasant smell as cooked lemon peel. For this purpose, separate the fruits from the fruit and boil them. Then place the hot mixture in a suitable container and place it in the oven for several hours. You should notice the gradual positive change to freshness and pleasant smell.

Use orange peel

The citrus is generally known to everyone with its refreshing scent. Remember only how the whole house smells when one or two oranges are peeled during the winter months. Here the technology is not much different - peel the oranges and place the bark in the oven. Turn the oven to the lowest temperature for 15 minutes. You will be delighted by the power of action of this natural product. It will replace the chemical odor with an incredible aroma of orange. It will continue to emit it even after switching off the appliance.

Using vanilla

There are two basic ways to use it. The first is to put a teaspoon of vanilla extract or 10 drops of essential oil in a bowl of water. Then moisten the towel and wipe each part of the oven. Dip the cloth as often as necessary so that the pleasant fragrance remains. Another trick you can use is to heat the oven up to 250 ° F and put a pot of water and vanilla. Leave the appliance in this position for about an hour to allow vanilla to dispel its sweet aroma and neutralize odors.

baking soda oven cleaningBring soda

Though it is not one of the most common methods for removing odors, it is effective enough to do this job if it lasts longer. Used as a means of neutralizing bad odors from the refrigerator as well as from the oven. The stay should be at least one night, but if you are not in a hurry with the next cooking, let the baking soda work better for a longer period.

Degreaser or Universal Cleaner

You can spray with a degreaser or a cleaner that has a pleasant smell after you have cleaned up with a heavier chemical shine. Sprinkle the walls, the surface and the top. Allow the detergent to act for 15 minutes on a closed door and wipe. Then ventilate as best as possible - air circulation is a sure sign that the smell will be neutralized and the cleanliness of the appliance will be present. Use air or portable fans to increase ventilation.

As you can see, there are a number of options that can help fight the unpleasant smell of food, fat, and the heavy chemicals you've used to remove the most stubborn dirt. From now on, it depends on which method you choose. Only your preferences for the different methods, what you have as available in your home, and the aroma you want to smell your kitchen are important. The remedies listed above are natural and completely ecologically clean, cheap and easy to handle.

If you use professional oven cleaning service, you will not have to resort to these options, but in case you care for the cleanliness of your home - try every technique. Recommended for all types of ovens, no matter the brand and model.

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