Why do we need deep cleaning services for home?

Do you need to wind up a morning alert during the weekend to get annoying? Remove stress and improve your quality of life by renting home helpers. Set your priorities right and remember that time is money. Add one extra month or weekly surface cleaning costs to certain more contaminated areas (oven, refrigerator, carpet, etc.) and mandatory for the so-called deep hygiene. Indicative hourly rates are £ 12-15, but the final price is relative.

Reorganize the budget. Undoubtedly, it will make you happier, because it will give preference to more favorite activities. The amount of hours and minutes spent with children, your husband, your parents and your friends can not be compared to a price for any service. Just find the best deals according to your "pocket" in a price / quality ratio.


Factors for pricing of cleaning services?

Each company works with different price lists, but they are approximate or lower due to the big competition. The final package depends on many things:


Location of the cleaner

The address to which a cleaner or team is to be sent is not one of the most important factors, but it matters. Most companies serve London all around, but in some places you may have to pay more and wait for a longer period. Ask and request earlier so you will not be surprised by the final answer. Personal agreement is also important because most companies produce very good offers

Size and condition of the property

There is no way a small office compares to a whole home or house. Most of the deals depend on the square meters of the area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms to estimate the time required for cleaning and the degree of pollution.  On the one hand, in a home it can be much cleaner than an office with a large daily traffic of people who tread with shoes and eat lunch at the workplace. In each room, a view must be made to make a specific final offer, with no additional and hidden charges. Be prepared for a higher amount if it comes to cleaning the dirt from pets and young children.


Types of cleaning

Cleaning can be of varying degrees of depth, which also makes it differently:

Routine / basic cleaning

Usually this is any weekly cleaning that is done in one household. The professional can be in two, and in the other time just take care of the arrangement. Typical routine cleaning is required when guests are expected. It includes cleaning the wet rooms, vacuuming and washing the floor, dust and more. This is the cheapest and quickest option, which is usually in the range of £ 12-15 per hour. The higher threshold may be due to the fact that it is done in the evenings or at weekends.

Deep cleaning

This is about a complete sanitation of the whole home. Typically, the hourly rate is approximate or slightly more expensive, because work is more labor-intensive. Accumulation also comes from the fact that homeworkers will have to spend a lot more hours to take care of everything they need. The indicative hourly rate is £ 15. Deep cleaning includes everything you remember, even what avoids you. You should be aware that most companies take extra carpet cleaning fees. With such a service, the home looks brilliant and smells amazing. It is recommended to apply at least once or twice a year to improve the living environment


Moving out of a rental apartment

This is a type of deep cleaning also called end of tenancy London cleaning, but for this option even more detail is needed. It is advisable to clean it along with the checklist that is being done when hiring.

Thus cleaning will be consistent and concrete according to the needs of the tenant - it is guaranteed that after the professional intervention will get back his deposit. Cleaning starts with about £ 45 if it is a small room that takes about 3 hours. Typically, a studio is about £ 90, and a three-bedroom house reaches almost £ 300.

Frequency of cleaning

The more often and larger teams come to your home, the faster and more precise it will be cleaned. Frequent sanitation is so-called routine, which maintains lower prices than others. The final price for the month will again be quite high if you hire a company for each week or at least two weeks.

Of course, it depends entirely on you and your needs. The positive thing is that you will not get high levels of dirt, so you will be charged at a standard price. Frequent maintenance of the premises by a professional firm makes you a regular customer, and as such may later be a loyalty program and other additional discounts.

Visiting the home of a client

Every company tends to visit a client’s home to clean it up to brilliance. Often, however, this complicates and raises the process. Some employees are not even willing to accept such an order due to anxiety and need for a lot of rubbing, which is unclear whether it will produce the most sought after results.

Experience of the housekeeper or company

The better and quicker the homeworkers are, the more expensive they are. On the other hand, this means shorter stays (the price is formed at an hourly rate) and higher efficiency. Find out what's best for you, because in most cases the cheap comes out more expensive at the end. For such services you should not save much, but you have to keep up with the household's personal budget. It is normal for everyone to keep at a higher price when it can offer much higher quality than most competitors.

All additional services

You will have to pay for a service if you want to join. For example, if you want routine cleaning, but this does not include cleaning the oven, you have to negotiate an additional offer. Keep in mind that such cleaning is one of the most expensive, so ask in advance. Other similar customer needs include cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, cleaning faience and joints, carpeting and much more.

Tony Barnes