How to remove the smell of cigarettes from a house?

Do you have to suffer the terrible smell of cigarette smoke when you are in a public place, a guest or a friend's car in a smoker? However, it is inevitable that a "non-smoker" will live long in such a setting. It is possible to rent a home where you have been smoked actively or buying a "smoked car", but immediate steps must be taken to remove the smoky smoke. Get rid of the bad memory of the unpleasant habit of old tenants by solving the problem. The smell of cigarettes overlays and becomes resistant. It is important to do a deep cleansing of everything, but especially of carpets, curtains, furniture and refreshment of the walls and your old tenants were not successful with their end of tenancy cleaning.

smell of cigarettesMethods to remove the smell of cigarette smoke


Vinegar is highly applicable not only in culinary but also in household cleaning. He is known for his intrusive smell, which has properties to extract other unbearable fragrances - cigarettes, urine, fat and more. White or apple vinegar may be used for this method. They are completely environmentally friendly without toxic elements. There are several different options for neutralizing cigarette smoke with vinegar:

  • Heat vinegar on the hot plate while boiling. The evaporation from it will start to "float" in the house and will contribute to the elimination of the terrible smell of cigarettes.
  • Make a 2-hour solution. vinegar and a gallon of warm water. Mix them in a basin or bucket. Take a clean white cloth and soak it in the liquid. Start by rubbing the most affected areas.
  • Smoke is inconspicuous, but it is clear that walls, ceilings, countertops and furniture are threatened by "rapid absorption". You can then leave a soaked cloth in a room to prolong the action.

If you feel your clothes are "stinking", they will have to go back into the washing machine again. To the detergent you use, add an additional 1/2 hour vinegar. You can pour it directly into the laundry. This will make them cleaner and brighter. Also put small "traps" of smell.

An effective way is to use small vineyards located in the affected areas - the living room, the car, the dining room, etc. Vinegar brings a number of benefits, but a keen memory behind it. To remove it, sprinkle some soda or just leave an open soda box. If you are not so uncomfortable, do not take any measures. He will wind up quickly.

ammonia cleaningAmmonia and water

Ammonia is recommended as a last resort when you have tried other reliable methods. Remember that ammonia is a heavy chemical that requires safe precautions. Always work on open windows and get the necessary supplies - safety goggles, gloves and masks. Otherwise irritation of the skin, throat, nose, eyes and lungs may occur.

Ammonia has several application options:

  • Put 2 hrs. ammonia and 1 gallon of water to heat on low heat. Vapors will then be useful for removing cigarette smoke.
  • Make a solution of 1 h. ammonia and 1 gallon of water. Use the melt mixture on a clean cloth, then rub different surfaces.
  • Add ½ ammonia to the laundry or car mats - do not forget the detergent.
  • Put ammonia bowls in the car and in the rooms, but be careful if you have small children or pets. Use this option as the last one because it is not particularly useful for health.
  • To neutralize the ammonia odor, use the baking soda again. Do not forget to keep the windows wide open!

Baking soda

baking soda cleaningSoda is the next "powerful weapon" for the home. It has a very powerful action - an effective neutralizer and absorber for any unpleasant smells in the air. There is another positive effect, namely the extraction of moisture - an important moment for preserving the type of different accessories and furniture in the home. Unlike vinegar, there is no "sour odor", even flavored soda can be used. It will produce good effects and contribute to freshness.

Method of application of the baking soda method:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstered furniture in the car. It is necessary to wait a certain amount of time to work - depending on the degree of layering will neutralize the smell for about one night to one whole day. Better wait for more.
  • Apply vacuum accurately.
  • After completing the process, see the effect. If you notice that you need additional measures, repeat the phases or switch to another technique.


charcoal cleaningCharcoal is a less familiar home remedy, although it brings many benefits to the body. It filters the taste of drinking water without which one can not live and finds application in detoxifying the body and neutralizing bad smells. There are two known types of coal - activated charcoal and charcoal briquettes (for barbecues and grills). Experts recommend the use of activated carbon in these cases because coal briquettes contain impurities. This could lead to lower process efficiency.

Method of application of coal method:

  • Put the coal dust in several small bowls or other suitable containers.
  • Position them around the smoked rooms or in the car. It is advisable to stay at least a few days.
  • In case you do not notice a big effect, repeat again - put a new char in more but small boxes. If you have decided to use activated charcoal and it is over, you can replace it with coal briquettes.
  • Coffee
  • Coffee is the drink without which most people can not exist. The sludge is useful for rubbing the skin, removing cellulite, and removing unbearable odors such as cigarette smoke. So, drink your coffee, then use the sludge. The smell of coffee is strong, so if you can not stand it, use a different technique.

Method of applying coffee method:

  • Wait for the coffee grounds to harden.
  • Make it powder and put it in small bowls or another small pot.
  • Position the bowls where you think it will be most effective - in the corners of the room, in the car (if you feel smoke from the previous owner), around the curtains, and so on.
  • Allow the sludge to remain at least overnight.
  • If you still feel the compulsive smell, repeat with another sludge or replace the method with more effective.

Vanilla extract

vanilla extract cleaningVanilla has a nice sweet smell, although for some it is unbearable. If you are in this group, use another method. Otherwise, the vanilla extract will flow very quickly into the air and will contribute to the elimination of cigarette smoke.

The vanilla technique has a wide variety in terms of application:

  • Warm vanilla extract of 1-2 tsp. - low-level hotplates or directly in the microwave. The fragrance will increase its strength. Carrying into the air will eliminate cigarette smoke.
  • Pour vanilla extract into 1-2 tsp. in a few small bowls and leave them indoors or in the car for about a day.
  • Take a clean and white damp cloth or rag. Pour a few drops of vanilla and wipe the various surfaces.
  • Take cotton and pour vanilla extract over it. Leave them in a room for about a day.
  • Chopped apple.

This method is successful and interesting, but rather should be applied in smaller rooms. Apple has absorbing properties, just watch if someone will not eat it by accident.

Method of applying an apple method:

  • Cut the apple through the middle or quarters.
  • Position the slices for at least one night in the vehicle or in the smoky areas of your home. Apple has the ability to neutralize bad odors, while leaving the familiar fresh aroma of all.
  • Repeat a few days in a row if you are not satisfied with the result. Keep in mind that you can also try pears, potatoes, dairy products and others with the same properties.