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At TSV Cleaning we have carried out hundreds of after builders cleaning tasks for residential and commercial customers.

After Builders Cleaning :

Cleaning after repairs or other construction activity is one of the most unpleasant things for everyone. We offer complex after builders cleaning services in London. First we will make inspection of the site and we will discuss the cleaning process, then we will send you detailed services they will perform and the final price you will pay after the completion of our work.

We offer the following services:

• Washing and vacuuming of hard floors
• Cleaning mirrors
• Disinfecting the kitchen sink
• Emptying bins
• Disinfecting and scrubbing bathroom floors
• Deep cleaning in the toilet and bathroom
• Cleaning windows
• Wiping countertops and kitchen appliances

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after bulders cleaning
after bulders cleaning We will tidy and clean all rooms and surfaces, including the kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room, playroom, foyer, staircase, etc. Our task list includes:
• Sort out rubbish
• Clean the light switches, lamp shades, and door handles
• De-scale the taps and sinks
• Clean the grill and hob
• Wash up dishes, cutlery, and glasses
• Polish the window sills
• Clean all pictures and picture frames
• Polish all surfaces
• Wipe the fireplace
• Wipe the curtain rails
• Clean the skirting boards
• Dust and hover the curtains
• Clean all shades and fittings
• Remove the cobwebs
• Polish and dust through
• Remove fingerprints
• Clean underneath the sofa
• Clean underneath the beds and drawers
• Hover inside the sofa
• Wipe down all tables
• Move furniture for access
• Vacuum through the edges
• Check for dust and residual hair
• Throw away unneeded items
• Check for marks and remove
• Clear if sticky
• Polish, de-scale, and clean the sink
• Polish and dry the wall tiles
• Remove all food deposits, mildew, and grime from the fridge
• Clean the rubber seal
Our professional domestic cleaners are extra careful about every detail in each room according to various kinds of furniture, flooring and equipment. Nowadays you can find variety of materials for furniture of all types, glossy, matte, steel, stainless steel, granite, tile, wood, stone and many others. Often inadvertently happens craftsmen to spill paint, varnish, glue, primer, silicone on your furniture, but you can only notice it when you start to clean in detail. But not all of them are easy to clean and by improper cleaning they can be damaged forever, so you can trust us for a thorough after repair cleaning service.

Professional cleaning services after building or repair activities involve the use of a strong and well-chosen professional detergents with acids, alkali or neutral PH depending on the structure surface cleaning and respect for rules and guidelines by work with them. Also crucial is the right concentration of detergents and how they applied to contaminated areas.

Using professional cleaning equipment is required to achieve a higher level of quality in the performance of the cleaning service. Equipment and chemicals we use are professional and proven over time. The quality we offer is uncompromising.

We will clean all work surfaces and household appliances such as the microwave, freezer, toaster, oven, tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, and others. In the bathroom, we will wipe and polish the towel rail and radiator, clean the soap dispenser, and remove the lime scale. After Building Cleaning

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