Who is supposed to clean the house when you rent out a house or a flat

Renting a room is not an easy decision for both tenants and tenants. The other roommates in the house are strangers, in most cases, which is not particularly enjoyable. No landlord can give you a 100% guarantee for the other roommates if he rents a whole apartment. New tenants are likely to be at risk of possible theft and loud noise. Even more unpleasant is for the landlords who are forced to rent a free room in their own home.

Sometimes, however, the high mortgage and the inability to "connect at both ends" puts the owners in a similar situation. Employing the empty room is associated with a difficult choice of a new person in the house to meet certain conditions. We also need a number of documents, tax payments, maintenance and more.

end of tenancy cleaning london house and flatBenefits of renting a house or a flat

Source of income

Undoubtedly, this is the main reason for renting a room, especially a stranger. Sometimes the mortgage of the new house is impossible to pay along with the other major costs - communal expenses, food costs, transportation costs and others. New rental income will help the whole household to live more peacefully, albeit with an additional member of the family. Many, sooner or later, advertise because they are hindered by other payments - not only for a mortgage, but also debts on a credit card, student loan, bigger home repairs, and more

Renting a rental house or flat for a lower amount at the expense of performing another type of service in the house

The rent contract may have multiple variations such as a structure and an additional annex. One good practice is to drop a person to your home to perform part of the household duties. it is necessary to clarify the specific conditions and to reach a common agreement. The tenant receives a benefit in return, which is a discount on the rental price. Many owners are too busy and have no time for housework. You could agree to perform basic household tasks - cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, ironing garbage disposal, cleaning of sanitary premises, etc. If it makes it difficult for you to look at your pet or a child, too

For a company

Many homeowners are left to live alone for some reason. Loneliness is a serious factor for a person's severe emotional states. This prolonged existence leads to a pet at home to a new roommate. Benefits here are more relaxed in need of emergency medical care and others, as well as getting a good income.

Disadvantages of renting a house or a flat

flat end of tenancy cleaning londonThe risk of a safe cohabitation

Definitely the admission of a new person to your home, creates some inconveniences. It's about being unknown, and he can not be trusted. At first you should be alert to the new roommate. Many of them are vandals, they tend to make noise, strike and commit theft. This would be a very unpleasant moment, so at least secure all rooms with keys. Lock each time there is none of your family in your home

Additional inconveniences are created

When giving a room with a smaller total area of ​​the whole house, it is a matter of using a shared bathroom and toilet. It means another member to the family. But this is not the most unpleasant thing. With the new person in your home you may have different lifestyles due to a great difference in age. It could disturb the tranquility you are accustomed to - sleep early and be quiet. These important aspects need to be spoken at an early stage before entering into a contractual relationship

You have to make a new type of insurance, make a lease and pay taxes on the income you earn - some people are terrified of creating documentation, and in most cases you have to pay extra for their preparation to the persons concerned. Unfortunately, some think that housing insurance covers damage caused by roommates, but it is not. Standard insurance policies are different from what you need at the moment. In addition, you need to declare your earnings for which tax is due

You need to clean the whole house

If you've ever rented a flat, you know the conditions of the room cleanliness. You get a clean and welcoming home that you have to leave the same after you go out. Here the situation is similar - you have to offer good conditions and cleanliness in the rented premises, in the green areas outside, as well as in the common sanitary facilities. Cleaning is your responsibility. If you find this task challenging, then don't hesitate to contact an end of tenancy cleaning London company like us. Your rented house will be cleaned to perfection in no time.

Tips for renting a house or a flat

end tenancy cleanerPrepare the house

This preparation can take a long time, but you should not miss any part of it. Including security, broken appliances repair, cosmetic repair, purchase of new furniture or electrical appliances, if necessary, as well as thoroughly precise end of tenancy cleaning. If the room you are giving was until recently habitable, you have to take care of it. Small offenders and pets are capable of serious damage that needs to be removed. Install secure locks if yours do not work to ensure the safety of the whole family. All the junk that owners often store in their yard must be cleared and care for internal hygiene

Decide which room is most suitable for rent

Sometimes you have to make the best decision if you have a large number of rooms. For example, if you have a division with an extra bathroom, this kind of rental will create additional convenience. You will not share the most important rooms with a new person - a bathroom and a toilet. This will reduce the degree of compliance and will increase the final cost. This complex accommodation will increase your monthly income significantly. Think about this option if there is any option

Find out what equipment is looking for

Find out what tenants are looking for in order to get a quick income, without much waiting and additional viewing engagements. You need to look at what the market offers - look for similar squares of different furnishings in your area. Only then will you get the best idea of ​​the available rooms for rent. If the room is friendly, clean and functional, you can get a new roommate from the first time

Consult with a tax expert

You will have to pay taxes for the portion you receive monthly income. However, there is also a positive thing about it, namely that it can be claimed the costs. Some of them are recognized for tax purposes - those that are part of the lease. A similar example is a carpet in the renter's room - it is deducted, but not the one placed in another room where you live

Run a rental announcement that includes all of your requirements

It is normal to want to make a selection for the person you are going to drop into your home. It could be a non-smoker, no pet, not a student, or at least not a noise. Indicate a test period of several months or a long-term commitment. Be sure to upload well-taken pictures to make your offer more appealing

Choose the right roommate

Plug in your intuition and make a credit check to the person. Perhaps you will know from the first conversation what kind of person the candidate is. Sometimes, however, the first impression is not so correct - gross errors are allowed. A person is inclined to discriminate. It is important to try to fairly assess the person - ask for more detailed information about his / her social status and income. You may also seek a recommendation from a previous landlord. The credit check is another insurance for the landlord and his secure income, all the more so that it is free of charge

Form a written contractual relationship

The written agreement is the best solution for both parties. Oral arrangements are for the market, here are serious things that serve as evidence in court when needed. Each written rental agreement includes the rent, the date of maturity, the assumption of the payment of utility services (by the landlord or the tenant), has the right to use the common parts, parking, etc. Additional requirements such as smoking bans, pets and noise must also be specified.

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