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Mattress Cleaning London BEFORE/AFTER

Mattress Cleaning London

Professional mattress cleaning in London includes:

  • Vacuuming mattress
  • Washing mattress
  • Removing mattresses stains of unknown origin
  • Removing the smell of cigarette from the mattress
  • Special upholstery cleaning chemicals is used
  • Enzymatic products is used
  • Washing mattress protectors
  • Mattress Cleaning London – we use only proffesional Detergents

With our busy schedules in mind, it is very human to allow forgetfulness or even clumsiness to slip into the daily routine. Whether its forgetting dishes in the dishwasher, buying wrong products for tonight’s supper or remaining rather oblivious to pending cleaning duties, our overloaded priority list makes it very hard to keep track of everything happening. One item that ends up almost lost and forgotten despite the fact we use it every single night is the mattress. It stands to reason that people would pay close attention to the place where they lay their heads down every night but not necessarily as it seems. We get a number of calls from London who ordered professional mattress cleaning london and explained to us how busy their lives have become in recent years.

With our mattress cleaning in London you’ll enjoy the following benefits


Excellent customer service. Needless to say, we place people at the very top of our priorities and give heart and soul in an effort to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Top mattress cleaning quality. Where would we be without providing excellent service? We place a very strong emphasis on the quality of our cleaning services, hence the number of people willing to book us again.

Fair pricing. On top of the fantastic quality services we offer, our company believes in fair pricing and strongly condemns overcharging tricks and maneuvers.

Vetted personnel. All our staff members have been thoroughly checked and that includes their police and medical records.

Mattress Cleaning London – Profeessional Cleaning Services for Best Prices in London!


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Why ordering mattress cleaning in London

There are still those who wonder and ponder whether or not it’s actually worth it to order professional mattress cleaning. For one thing, the most an ordinary householder can accomplish is to thoroughly vaccum the mattress itself. That however, does not usually take good enough care of the mattress itself simply because it does not constitute a thorough comprehensive cleaning; the kind of cleaning that is actually needed here. We offer professional solutions accompanied by top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment in order to handle this task up to the required levels. It is also important to point out that some heavily undesirable pests such as dust mites and bed bugs find it easy to settle in less clean places around the bedroom and especially the mattress. Regular thorough cleaning can vastly reduce the likelihood of such creatures taking hold of your sleeping quarters.Mattress Cleaning London

Mattress Cleaning prices

Single mattress (both side) £18
Double mattress (both side) £23
King size mattress (both side) £32

Mattress cleaning process – in London

The mattress cleaning process is a multi-stage one and begins with careful inspection of the type of mattress in order for the best cleaning products to be used and completely eliminating the possibility of damage. Next, the technician will vacuum the mattress with a powerful industry standards machine and will apply pre-treatment should any stains or spots be present. The following step involves hot-water extraction process that both applies and extracts moisture alongside the dirt embedded in the mattress itself. In a few hours time, you will have a completely dry and utterly clean mattress to sleep on. Congratulations! Let us know when would be the best time to have us clean for you. We offer FREE QUOTES over the phone and email.


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