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Maintain your home comfort with our home cleaning services

Cleanliness is important both for everyday comfort in your home and your health. Our company will provide the most effective home cleaning services in London. Your home will be fresh, pleasant and healthy place to live. Choose our home cleaning services and you will find the difference.

Home Cleaning Services - TSV Cleaning
Home Cleaning Services – TSV Cleaning

Maintaining home comfort and hygiene is often a tedious job, it takes a lot of otherwise valuable time. When you need professional cleaning of your home, we are ready to help. We have extensive experience in servicing houses, apartments and residential entrances. We approach each order individually and we take into consideration the specifics of the site and the client’s wishes.

home cleaning
home cleaning

Advantages of using our  cleaning services:

The main advantage of our company in the fight against dirt, bacteria and other allergens are the Eco detergents. They  are irreplaceable assistant of the professional domestic cleaners. These detergents are aggressive and ruthless towards any contamination while being extremely friendly to the health of you and your loved ones.

Home cleaning services:
Machine washing of upholstered furniture and soft flooring.

Our cleaning services are done with professional cleaning machines and products with which upholstered furniture, carpets and runners are laundered in depth and wither on the same day.

Windows and shutters cleaning.

Glass and windows are washed bilaterally with appropriate accessories and detergents that allow rainwater to runoff after cleaning the windows remained covering with anti static effect.

Kitchen cleaning:

One of the most popular cleaning services is the kitchen cleaning service. By cleaning the kitchen our professional domestic cleaners are greasiness kitchen cabinets, the oven and  the fridge from outside. We can also clean all your equipment from inside, after prior agreement and order.

Bathroom cleaning:

Bathrooms and toilets are cleaned thoroughly, just like everything else in the home. Unlike other rooms – the bathroom and lavatory require the use of stronger disinfectants to remove soap residues, limestone, mold and mildew. Our domestic cleaning professionals can clean sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, bidets, hot tubs, tile joints and other bathroom equipment. Thorough cleaning of homes must include extensive work in the bathroom and sanitary facilities.

Machine cleaning of hard floors:

When cleaning hard floors, we use professional single disc machines and vacuum, as well as preparations according to the type of flooring. Besides tiles, we can clean the socket and joints too.
Dusting furniture and electronics. We are dusting the furniture and electronics at home with powerful vacuum cleaners equipped with reliable filters and nozzles for vacuum cleaning of fine particles. Then we wipe them with anti-static detergent  suitable for different surfaces and materials to provide the best home cleaning service.

home cleaning
home cleaning

Contact us now to get the domestic cleaning service you really deserve. We will be happy to answer your questions from early morning until late evening because we take into consideration your schedule.

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