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Many people think that carpet cleaning is an easy job. You have a vacuum cleaner and all you need is a couple of minutes to vacuum during the day. Carpet Cleaning

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Actually, the truth is a little bit different. Of course, it is great if you have the time to switch on the cleaner and go over the carpet, but it actually cleans the surface only. You will get rid of the dirt and dust that is on the top of the carpet, but deep cleaning is something different. That is why, at least once a 6 months, you need to do something more about it. With a good shampoo and ,other products you can make your carpet shine.

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But there is another question – do you have the time for proper carpet and upholstery cleaning? Usually you have at least two, three carpets, and you need a lot of space to clean them. You also need  brushes and cleaning products, and you need to be careful with that as well because not every product is suitable for different fabrics. So if you are unsure what to do or you do not have the time or experience, the best decision for you will be to contact a company that offers professional carpets and upholstery cleaning. This is especially important if you have small children or a family member of yours has an allergy.

You will get rid of the debris that has been accumulating in the carpet for months or years. The cleaning company will do it for you at a reasonable price, and you will be happy with the result. Professional cleaners know which products are suitable for different textures and fabrics  and will make them clean and shiny without losing their colour or destroying them.

Our Cleaning Prices!

Carpet Cleaning prices

Single room £18
Double room £23
Living room £29
Hallway £13
Stairs £1.50/ per each
Conservatory £16
Bathroom £16

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